Horrifying Moment American Airlines Boeing 737's Engine Sends Flames into Sky as Flight Returns and Makes Emergency Landing at Columbus Airport [WATCH]

The plane was scheduled to land in Phoenix, Arizona, but soon after takeoff, it was forced to quickly make a U-turn.

A Boeing 737 was forced to return to an Ohio airport on Sunday morning, just 40 minutes after take off after flames were seen shooting from the engine. Videos posted online captured the horrific moment the Boeing 737 sends flames into the sky, as passengers inside the airplane screamed in fear.

According to FlightAware, a service that monitors flights around the country, American Airlines Flight 1958 to Phoenix, Arizona departed from John Glenn Columbus International Airport at 7:43 am and returned to the airport at 8:22 am. Witnesses at the scene claimed that as the aircraft took off, it was struck by a group of geese, which resulted in flames shooting from the engine creating "wonky, pulsing noises."

Avoiding a Disaster

One person in Columbus, Ohio, claimed that it appeared "as if the engines were about to give up." Fortunately, the jet safely landed again, and there were no injuries were reported, DailyMail.com reported.

The aircraft has been identified as a Boeing 737-800, but not a 737 Max, which has been involved in two horrifying crashes that were widely reported and resulted in the deaths of over 340 people worldwide.

Boeing 737
The American Airlines Boeing 737's engine is seen sending flames into the sky after it was reportedly hit by geese Twitter

The plane was scheduled to land in Phoenix, Arizona, but soon after takeoff, it was forced to quickly make a U-turn.

Videos and photos that have been uploaded online show flames rising from the plane's engine and the aircraft making a deep rumbling sound as it flew into Ohio.

A passenger who did not want to be named, later told WBNS that the pilot claimed that geese got into the engine and started the fire.

All of the passengers were transferred to a different aircraft that will return to Phoenix at roughly 10 am.

Investigation to be Launched

An investigation into the fire is being led by the Federal Aviation Administration. The airport said that it is "open and operational" although emergency crews are still on the scene.

American Airlines
American Airlines Wikimedia Commons

Three days back, an Airbus A321 airliner experienced an engine fire as it was preparing to take off from Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina.

Flames could be seen flying out of the right-wing in a disturbing video, which was captured from the plane's slats.

Worried passengers could be heard crying as a flight attendant came over the microphone to tell the anxious passengers to maintain calm and that they will resolve the situation as soon as possible.

The aircraft, which was scheduled to land at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, turned back toward its gate without taking off, and the flames were put out.

According to Simple Flying, all passengers were evacuated safely without any injuries. It is being treated as a mechanical failure. No additional information regarding the incident's cause has been released.