Hong Kong: Mother along with 10-year-old daughter leaps to death, blames troubled marriage

Initial investigations revealed that the 45-year-old housewife's husband wanted a divorce.

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A mother and her 10-year-old daughter committed suicide by jumping to their deaths from their high-rise flat in Hong Kong's Tseung Kwan O town on Wednesday night. Both the victims left a suicide note each. While the mother's note reads that she was upset with her husband, the girl's claims that it was her choice to die with her mother.

According to the initial investigations, the 45-year-old housewife was having a tough time with her husband, who wanted a divorce. The incident is being treated as a murder-suicide case for now.

Both the bodies were found lying at the foot of a block at Residence Oasis estate on Wednesday at around 6.40pm. While the mother died at the Tseung Kwan O Hospital, the girl, who was a primary five pupil, was declared dead at the spot.

The case has been handed over to The Kwun Tong district crime squad and further investigations are currently going on.

The woman's husband, who works as an accountant in a listed firm, and his six-year-old son were not present at home when the incident took place. Police later reached out to them, reported The Star Online.