Homophobic Woman Booted from Flight Over Face Mask in Viral Video Identified as Texas Realtor

The woman was heard yelling an anti-gay slur to a fellow passenger in the viral video and was kicked out of the flight along with her family after they refused to wear a face mask.

A video of a woman hurling homophobic slurs at a passenger and getting kicked out of a flight bound for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport after refusing to wear a face mask is being widely circulated on social media.

The video, shared on YouTube, made its way across other social media platforms including Reddit and Twitter after the original clip was deleted.

'You Think I Talk to My Kids About Same-Sex Marriage'

Kelci Cashman
Stills from the viral video that is being circulated on social media. Twitter

In the clip, the woman can be heard calling an unseen passenger a "f*ggot" repeatedly before she and her party, including young children, are escorted off the aircraft.

"No one wants to listen to your bigotry. Get off the plane," a fellow passenger says before the entire aircraft erupts in applause to celebrate the woman's departure from the flight.

The woman returns moments later with her mask around her chin to argue with the passengers. "You corrupted Disney," she says before yelling, "You think I talk to my kids about same-sex marriage?"

"No, we don't talk about that. But if we all want to talk about it, let's talk about it," she continues and mumbles something about "lesbians" before making her way to the exit.

According to the video's description, the woman and her family were booted from the flight because they refused to wear a face mask. After the video went viral, internet sleuths identified the woman as a real estate agent from, named Kelci Dunavin Cashman from Grapevine, Texas. Watch the video below:

Former Sponsor Condemns Cashman's 'Display of Rage'

Kelci Cashman
Kelci Cashman Twitter

Texas state law requires all real estate salespersons to work under a sponsoring broker that actually holds the individual's real estate license in their first few years as an agent.

Cashman's former sponsor, It's Closing Time Realty, received a barrage of emails, phone calls and threats from social media users who were under the impression that she was still working for them, urging the company to fire her. This prompted the real estate company to release a statement to clarify that she was no longer associated with them and to condemn her "appalling" behavior.

"It's Closing Time Realty has received many calls, emails, text messages, social media messages and even threats regarding Kelci (Dunavin) Cashman and her recent display of rage," the company said in a statement on its website. "Kelci (Dunavin) Cashman is no longer associated with our brokerage. Her sponsorship with It's Closing Time Realty was terminated in January 2021."

"We are appalled by her recent display of outrage and comments on the airline. It's Closing Time Realty does not support Kelci (Dunavin) Cashman, her comments or behavior," the company added. "We take pride in our reputation and hold our agents to the highest possible standards of ethics and professionalism. We are working diligently to have all internet posts associating us with Kelci (Dunavin) Cashman removed immediately.

Cashman now runs her own real estate company called Kelci Cashman Real Estate. Her personal and business social media accounts have since been scrubbed off the internet.

Cashman's Father Admitted to ICU Due to COVID-19 Last Year

Cashman refused to follow mask protocols on the flight despite her father being seriously sick from COVID-19 last year. Shawn Dunavin was admitted to the ICU in October after contracting the deadly disease. She even organized a GoFundMe page on behalf of her mother to raise funds to cover his medical bills.

"We are asking for help in a time of need. First and foremost, we're asking for prayers for Shawn Dunavin," she wrote in the description. "He is currently in ICU with COVID- pneumonia. He was admitted on Oct. 30th but has been sick since Oct. 22nd. His struggle has been a roller coaster - his oxygen goes up and down, and he is still very weak."