Homophobic Boaters Harass Family Over Pride Flag, Get Served with Instant Karma After Their Boat Catches Fire

The boaters did not even say "thank you" or "sorry" after being rescued by the LGBTQ-supporting family they harassed moments before their boat went up in flames.

A video of a boat erupting in flames shortly after its occupants harassed another boat flying a gay pride rainbow flag has gone viral on social media.

The clip, captured on Lake Moses, Washington, was originally shared on TikTok and reposted by user @uhohbigboi a.k.a. Cosmic Robbie on Twitter. The user, who identifies as trans and queer, was out on the lake with his family for Memorial Day when the boaters allegedly hurled gay slurs at them and started circling their boat.

Boaters harass LGBTQ family
Stills from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Twitter

"These people harassed my family because we were flying gay pride flags in Moses Lake, Washington, by racing around us and shouting gay slurs. Then, their boat literally blew up! #KarmaIsReal," he wrote on Twitter.

Boaters Rescued by Family they Harassed

The video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times since being posted on Monday, shows a woman giving the LGBTQ-supporting family the finger. Moments later, the rude boaters' ride catches fire, forcing them to abandon the vessel.

The homophobic boaters are seen in the water appearing to swim towards the Twitter user's boat as their vessel is completely engulfed in flames. The people in the boat were reportedly hurt and burned and were screaming for help before they were rescued by the very people they harassed. The video is set to "Oh No," – a song dedicated to showcase epic fails on the platform. Watch the video below:

The Twitter user believes the caught fire "because they were driving around us so roughly, they either damaged their carburetor or took in water and stalled. Then fumes built up and when they tried to speed away, the fumes ignited."

He added that the person driving the boat "literally sh*t his pants and everyone saw when his shorts fell off in the water."

Sadly, it didn't seem like the boaters were humbled by their karmic experience because, according to the user, they did not even bother saying "thank you" or "sorry" to the family.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office said in a statement on Facebook that they were investigating the incident and is in the process of interviewing the occupants of the boat that caught fire to find out what happened. It is not yet known whether any action will be taken against the boaters.