Hometown Cha Cha Cha Actor Kim Seon Ho Warns Fans of Fake Instagram Account

Actor Kim Seon Ho, who is known for portraying entrepreneur Han Ji Pyeong in tvN drama Start-Up and freelancer Hong Du Shik in the mini-series Hometown Cha Cha Cha, has warned his fans about a fake Instagram. He released an official statement through his agency informing the social media users that a person, pretending to be the actor, is misleading his admirers by sending direct messages and sharing wrong information about his whereabouts.

In the official statement released by Salt Entertainment on Monday, the agency warned the netizens against an impersonator. The agency stated that an impersonator created a fake Instagram account of the actor. It received several reports of the person sending direct messages and sharing misleading information with the fans of this South Korean Statement.

Here is the Complete Statement Released by Salt Entertainment:

Kim Seon Ho
Actor Kim Seon Ho has warned his fans of fake Instagram account. Instagram

Seon Ho is currently busy filming his upcoming movie Sad Tropics. He will share screen space with actress Go Ara in it. The film will revolve around a young boy born to a Filipino mother and a Korean father. He decides to visit South Korea in search of his father and fulfill his dream of becoming a professional boxer. Seon Ho will portray a mysterious character in the movie who could be helpful to the young boy. He might also bring in some challenges for the lead character. The film is directed by Park Hoon Jung of New World and The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion fame

Upcoming Projects of Kim Seon Ho

The actor will not participate in any new projects this year, an industry insider claimed. The source claimed that Sad Tropics will be the only project of Seon Ho in 2022. The actor has been declining all offers related to K-dramas, films, overseas fan meeting offers, and endorsement model deals, the insider added. He will be seen during the promotional activities of the movie Sad Tropics.

The actor donated over US$ 40,000 to the Korea Leukemia Children's Foundation in December. His agency confirmed that the actor donated the money personally because he did not want to publicize it.

"We are aware that he donated privately by himself because he wants to be of help even if it is a little bit", Salt Entertainment stated.