Homeland season 8 episode 12 (finale) live stream details: Carrie can't give up easily, says Claire

It is the right time for former Carrie Mathison to re-discover herself, Alex Gansa added; watch the finale of Homeland season 8 to know more about it

Showtime's popular political thriller, Homeland, is coming to an end tomorrow, April 26, with episode 12 of season 8. The series finale is titled Prisoners of War and it will focus on Carrie Mathison's struggles to prove her innocence. Cast Member Claire Danes has said that her character cannot give up so easily.

When the show went off-air last week, the former CIA officer was left with two options to stop a war between the US and Pakistan. She had to either reveal the identity of Saul Berenson's Russian informer or she will have to kill her mentor and take his position. She cannot get hold of the controversial flight recorder without completing the task.

Carrie knows that the only way to stop a war between the US and Pakistan is to reveal the real cause of President Ralph Warner's death and she cannot do it without the help of that flight recorder. She has tried every possible way to find the name of her mentor's Russian informer, but she failed in that mission. And the series' followers know that Carrie can never kill Saul. So, what's next for her?

Carrie cannot give up so easily

A still from Homeland season 8 finale. Showtime

Cast member Claire Danes said that her character cannot give up so easily even if she is not left with an alternate option to deal with the crisis. Physically, she could be in Brody's position, but mentally she is much stronger than him, the actress added.

"She is so clear about her patriotism. She can be challenged in every way, but if her patriotism is questioned I think that is probably the most profound insult she can imagine, so that was also interesting to play and explore," The Sun quoted Danes.

Meanwhile, executive producer Alex Gansa said the prime focus of this season was Carrie steeping into the shoes of Brody. Her loyalty was not just tested by the intelligence community, but also by the character herself and she should get back to the place she was in season 4, he explained.

A real reward for the series' followers

"There were a lot of loose ends in that season four-story that we never tied up. And to put Saul in the middle of the peace negotiations felt like a natural place and so that's where we chose to take the narrative," Gansa added.

The executive producer also said this season is for all those people who were watching the show since its premiere. These people are really going to get their rewards towards the end of this season, he added.

How to watch Homeland season 8 episode 12 live online?

The series finale, titled Prisoners of War, will air on Showtime this Sunday, April 26, at 9 pm EST. Followers of the popular drama series in the US can also watch the show on Showtime's official website or on Showtime App. People from other parts of the globe will have to wait until May 3 to watch episode 12 on TV.