Homeland season 8 episode 12 (finale) spoilers: Will Carrie team up with Saul in 'Prisoners of War'?

Carrie will seek the best answer to protect her mentor, Saul, and to stop another war between the US and the Middle East in the last episode of Homeland season 8

Homeland season 8 has kept the viewers on the edges of their seats with some shocking revelations in the penultimate episode, titled The English Teacher. Now, the series' followers will have to wait until Sunday, April 26, to get the answers to all their questions. Episode 12 marks the end of this popular political thriller and the last episode is titled 'Prisoners of Wars'.

As the fans of this Showtime series is getting ready to bid adieu to their favourite television drama this week, former CIA officer Carrie Mathison is left with two options. She should either find the name of a Russian secret agent who has been helping her mentor Saul Berenson for several years or she will have to kill her mentor.

A team-up between Carrie and Saul

A still from the last episode of Homeland season 8. Showtime

The series' followers are pretty sure that Claire Danes' character can never kill her mentor and she will do everything to stop a war between the US and the Middle East. So, the only way she can deal with this crisis is by discussing it with Mandy Patinkin's character. It means the viewers can expect a secret team-up between the two lead characters in the last episode.

Carrie and Saul will have to sit together and sort things out before it's too late. First of all, they will have to trace the whereabouts of that controversial flight recorder and then, they will have to get hold of it. In order to succeed in their new mission, Carrie and Saul may need the help of CIA officer Jenna Bragg and the Russian spy.

Will Carrie and Saul get their happy endings?

The two lead characters of this political thriller are unlikely to get their happy ending mainly because the promo teases trouble for them. The short clip hints at the demise of Saul in the hands of Carrie and it has sent shock waves to the viewers.

Meanwhile, a still from episode 12 of Homeland season 8 teases a heated argument between Saul and Carrie. Another teaser image of 'Prisoners of War' shows Claire Danes' character holding a gun and pointing it on someone.

Still, the fate of these two characters will remain a mystery until Sunday since Showtime has not released an official synopsis for the finale. Watch the last episode of this political thriller on Showtime this Sunday, April 26, 9 pm KST to find out if Carrie and Saul will get their happy endings towards the end of this drama series.

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