Hoax debunked: Video showing panic buying in Germany goes viral, here is the truth

A YouTube video shared on Facebook claimed that there was panic buying in Germany due to coronavirus, here is the truth behind the video

Many videos, messages, treatment details are going viral on social media including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter along with other popular websites. But here is an example why people should stop believing in anything that comes from anywhere other than reliable sources, especially regarding the pandemic coronavirus.

A video claiming that people in Germany are panic buying ahead of the pandemic is going viral. The YouTube video shared on Twitter is being shared by thousands of people. The caption for the video shared by "Tweety Bird in Quarantine" states "CoronaVirusUpdate: Scenes from Germany!coronavirus fears in Germany result in large crowds outside a supermarket. People pushing each other to get into store firstmto get necessary supplies."

Corona fake news on Twitter

Video viral on social media

corona fake news

A Facebook user Holden Evelyn posted the same video with caption "#Germany - crowds are rushing in to gather supplies ahead of the pandemic spreading into their communities.This is what you will deal with when tstf and you are not ready.Just think about this too , there could be infected people in that crowd #Coronavirus."

Coronavirus fake video

But now after the news that the video is fake started making rounds the Facebook post has been deleted. The video is 1.58 minutes long and is shot in Kiel, capital of Schleswig-Holstein in north Germany. The shop is in the region that is 90 km away from Hamburg. ALDI is a popular German grocery chain. ALDI brand is owned by two German families and has more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries. The grocery chain amounts to a combined turnover of more than €50 billion.

Fact Check

But while checking the facts it turned out that the video had nothing to do with coronavirus. In fact this was shot nine years ago in a totally different situation. The original video was posted on January 30, 2011 when there was a special sale of PC, cell phone, printer, and other electronic items at ALDI in Kiel.

The original video was uploaded by netsrot2011 and the person concerned has added a line in the description stating that this video has nothing to do with coronavirus.

Watch the original video here:

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