HOA 'Karen' Threatens to Call the Cops on Black Woman Because She Doesn't Believe She Lives in the Neighborhood

The "Karen" threatened to call the cops on the black woman claiming she was trespassing on private property.

A video of a "Karen" threatening to call the cops on a black neighbor for intruding on private property because she doesn't believe she lives in the neighborhood is being widely circulated on social media.

Irvine, California-based Muay Thai fighter Nash Habermehl who goes by the username @ninjanashbash posted the video on the her social media accounts a couple of days ago along with a caption that read, "My White neighbor doesn't believe a black women like myself can live in her neighborhood."

'This is Private Property'

Nash Habermehl
Stills from the video shared by Nash Habermehl on social media. Instagram

The video starts off with the "Karen" claiming she is on the "board of directors" of the HOA.

"Don't think you have the right to come in front of somebody and ask them where they live," Habermehl tells the woman, who argues with her about trespassing on public property.

"I'll just call the cops. They're ready for you. They are so ready for you... This is private property," the Karen says, before pulling out her cellphone in an attempt to dial 911.

"Go ahead Karen," the woman filming the encounter says as Habermehl tells the Karen, "This isn't private property. I live here. I can be anywhere I want to be."

"I have just as much right to this land as anyone else does," Habermehl adds.

"No, you do not," the Karen responds.

Before the video runs out, Habermehl then makes one last attempt to explain to the woman that although it is private property, she has the right to be on the property since she lives there. It is not yet clear whether the police was actually called to the scene.

Social Media Reactions

The video went viral with thousands of views and hundreds of comments from viewers with some slamming the Karen for not minding her own business while others praised Habermehl for the way she handled the situation.

"Why do Karen's involve themselves in other people's business? Then when they are video taped they come out apologizing and acting like they are a victim after they get fired from their job," wrote one user.

"You had great restraint," commented another. "I want to smack her. Did she call the cops or did she tuck her racist tail and go home?"