HMD Global announces launch of new Nokia smartphone on Dec 5, exactly a year after the launch of Nokia 8.1

HMD Global, the makers of Nokia phones, has announced that it will be launching its new smartphone on December 5. The announcement comes just at a time when everyone was thinking that all major smartphone launches for 2019 were over.

However, the company didn't give away further details into the smartphone, its price and other specifications. That said, the launch is also being touted as one of the biggest smartphone launches from the Nokia family in recent times.

Nokia Logo
Nokia logo

Expectations over Nokia's new smartphone soar

Nokia has always maintained a low profile ahead of its launches and this time too it isn't any different. This time also the teaser doesn't say much except the launch date.

Interestingly, HMD Global had launched its 6.18-inch full-HD+ Nokia 8.1 on December 5, 2018. The new smartphone comes exactly a year after that and chances are that it will be named 8.1.

However, it is also being said that the new smartphone will come will minor variations and is likely to be of the same size at its predecessor Nokia 8.1.

What can be the other surprise?

Given that the date of launch is December 5, speculation is that the new smartphone will be an improved version of 8.1 and will be called 8.2. Nokia fans, however, might be in for some other surprise too.

Besides 8.2, it is also likely that Nokia 5.2 or Nokia 2.3 might also make their debut on December 5 according to Techradar. The Nokia 2.3 is only likely to be an improved version of the entry-level Nokia 2.2, which was launched earlier this year in June. However, not much could be ascertained about Nokia 5.2, except that it might come with a 48-megapixel primary rear camera.

HMD Global tries to fight back

Nokia 8.1
Nokia 8.1 Nokia

The Finnish company, which was once the market leader in mobile phone, has been struggling to compete with its competitors in the smartphone category.

The smartphone revolution initiated by Samsung saw Nokia's market share declining since the early 2011. However, it has been trying to put up a fight and has launched quite a few smartphones over the alst few years but is yet to catch up with rivals like Samsung, Xiaomi, Google and Apple's iPhone.

The company shipped around 82 million smartphones in 2018 and its new announcement proves the company's efforts towards catching up in the smartphone race.