HIV-Positive Idaho Man Intentionally Tried to Infect 30 to 50 Sexual Partners, Lied About His HIV-Status

Alexander Louie
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An Idaho man was sentenced to prison Friday on charges that he deliberately tried to spread HIV by having unprotected sex with dozens of men and teenage boys, prosecutors said.

Alexander Louie, 34, of Boise, was sentenced on May 3 to 30 years in prison for multiple felony charges, including transferring body fluids containing the HIV virus, prosecutors said in a press release.

In exchange for pleading guilty to sexual battery of a minor, the enticement of a child through the internet and transferring body fluids containing HIV — all felonies — Louie had six other felony charges against him dismissed, the Idaho Statesman reported. The outlet also noted that Louie also has two pending charges for transferring HIV.

Authorities originally suspected Louie of child enticement after he initiated an online sexual conversation with an undercover Ada County Sheriff's detective posing as a 15-year-old boy. The two arranged to meet up for sex, and Louie was arrested.

Louie is HIV-positive and was not taking medication. He lied to his sexual partners about his HIV status, investigators said, hoping to infect them with the virus. Louie told police that he had sex with 30 to 50 different men and boys, including a 16-year-old, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors later filed dozens of charges against Louie.

"Your conduct would be the Webster's definition of a predator," Ada County District Judge Derrick O'Neill told Louie during his sentencing hearing.

Louie will not be eligible for parole until he has served 16 years.