If there is one common pet peeve among iOS device owners, customisation options might be at the forefront of the list. It's not a secret that Apple is not a huge fan of making modifications at the user's end and that's why the iOS jailbreak community is so alive.

Apple devices don't have the option to hide the dock, empty screens from icons or place app icons anywhere on the home screen. Don't fret, there's a trick to do just those customisation without the need to jailbreak your device.

In this tutorial, IBTimes Singapore will teach you how to move the dock out of sight, how to remove app icons from your screen and how to place them anywhere. This is compatible with the latest versions of iOS 11.

How to hide dock

Step 1: Launch your browser and paste this URL into the address bar: heyeased.weebly.com/hide-dock-wallpapers. You can click here to redirect.

Step 2: Select your device and the desired wallpaper. Navigate downwards if you want more wallpapers to load. Tap one for the full-resolution version.

Step 3: Press and hold on the full-resolution image and save it to your phone.

Step 4: Go to your phone's Settings or Photos app to set the image as your wallpaper.

Step 5: Your Dock should be invisible by now. To complete the look, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. Toggle Reduce Motion on.

How to make remove app icons, place them anywhere

Step 1: Go into edit mode. Swipe right until you get a blank page, and then take a screenshot.

Step 2: Open Safari and paste the URL iempty.tooliphone.net/en#.WhiacrSFgtl on the address box. Click here to redirect. Tap Create blank icons.

Step 3: Click Add > Choose File. Select the screenshot you made earlier and tap Send.

Step 4: Once the upload is done, tap the icon you want to be replaced with a black space.

Step 5: Click the share button and then Add to Home screen.

Step 6: Move the newly created icon anywhere on the home screen according to preference. Notice the app is invisible because it is designed to blend with the wallpaper behind it.

Step 7: Repeat the process if you want to place more app icons.