Here's how you can keep your phone from dying if apps are draining the battery

Apps are the most common culprits responsible for draining your phone's battery, here's how you can keep a check on which apps suck the most juice out of your device

Smartphones these days have gargantuan and bright screens, powerful hardware, an arsenal of apps that are constantly draining your device's battery. Although mobile battery tech, like fast charging, is improving it but is still struggling to keep pace with your phone's demands. Some last only as long as five hours of heavy use before they get drained out.

If your phone's battery seems to be running out of juice quickly, chances are that a downloaded app could be using too much battery. We're going to help you find out which apps are sucking the charge out of your device's battery.

iPhone 4s low battery charge
iPhone 4s: Low battery charge indicator

What are the reasons behind phone batteries getting drained?

There are several reasons why your phone's battery is always under 25 percent. Either your phone's battery could be too high or you might be in an area where the network coverage is weak, which forces your phone to work harder to find a signal. However, the most common battery-draining culprits are the apps that you have installed on your device.

Luckily, your phone lets you check which apps are consuming most juice in settings, allowing you to choose or delete apps that use up a lot of the charge, limit your use of them, or adjust the app's settings to optimize battery usage.

How to check which apps are draining your phone's battery (iOS)

You can also view the condition of your battery by tapping on Battery Health. If it says that your iPhone is at "Peak Performance Capability," then there is nothing to worry about. If the Maximum Capacity is anything below 90%, your battery is not working at an optimal level and you might want to consider purchasing a new battery.

One way to improve your phone's battery life is by turning on iOS 13's "Dark Mode," which, as we previously reported, can increase your battery performance by 30%.

How to check which apps are draining your phone's battery (Android)

Of course, apps aren't the only thing that affect your phone's battery life but you might want to look up these tips on how to improve battery performance on Android devices.