Here is Why Singer Seo in Young is Still Single and Frequently Broke Up With Boyfriends

KPop singer Seo in Young, also popular as Elly, revealed secrets about her love life in the SBS show 'Love Master'.

Singer Seo In Young revealed personal secrets about her life in a talk show on SBS on June 15. The 37-year-old KPop star opened up about her relationships and the reason she is still single. On SBS show Love Master Seo In Young said that she has not dated anyone for at least two years now. Here is why!

Reportedly, Seo in Young was not involved in many relationships. No, it is not because her agency was strict, but because of her own fears and notions. The singer said that she did not have many relationships because each of her relationships lasted at least for five years. She said that she has experienced a lot of peak moments in her relationships. But here is why she has not dated anyone for two years.

Seo In Young
South Korean singer, dancer, actor and host Seo In Young. Instagram

"Right now is the off-season for love. I'm not even interested in dating as of now, and I don't know how I got to this point," said Seo In Young. As part of the show, she had to go to a tarot shop. She received the tarot master's advice on her love life. This made her a bit anxious and after organizing her thoughts, Seo In Young revealed the reason for breaking up with her ex-boyfriends.

"To be honest, the reason I always broke up with my past boyfriends is that the topic of marriage came up. I have no plans to marry unless I am completely sure he is the right one. Shouldn't you date at least two years? Because of this, I agree with the idea of living together before marriage," said Seo in Young. Thus the singer is not looking for a fling but a committed relationship that can last forever.

Seo In Young as Elly

Seo In Young is also known as Elly. Apart from being a singer, she is also a popular dancer, model, television host and actress. She debuted in KPop industry as a member of girl group Jewelry. She earned more popularity when she was featured on the reality show We Got Married with Crown J. The singer established her own private entertainment company, IY Company in May 2012. She is also known for hosting the program Star Beauty Show in 2012.

In 2007, when she released her solo album Elly Is So Hot, she had the image of a sexy dancer of Jewelry. But she had stated that she wanted to break out of that image and wanted to be known as a softer, elegant entertainer rather than being known as a sensual entertainer.

Seo In young has acted in dramas Style and Bravo, My Love!. She played the lead role in the 2016 drama One More Happy Ending. She has also been a part of a lot of variety shows including Music Bank, We Got Married, Seo In Young's Kaist, Seo In Young's Best Friend, Heroes, Immortal Songs 2, King of Mask Singer, Real Men and With You. She was the main emcee for Star Beauty Show and coach in them music show The Voice Kids Korea.

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