Here Are The Most Powerful Celebrities From South Korea; Who is Your Favorite?

Asian celebrities especially from South Korea are making their presence felt to the world through their talent and charisma. There are so many of them making their fans awestruck with their charming personality or mere a single glimpse. It is difficult to pick who is at the top of powerful celebrities among them. Based on their talent, achievements social media presence earnings, and media exposure here are the top 7 power celebrities from South Korea

Bangtan Sonyeondan Boys, popularly known as BTS, are the most popular celebrities from South Korea. Not only in Korea this Boy Band is loved across the world and probably has the biggest fandom which they lovingly named 'Army'.

They contribute to a large chunk of the South Korean economy. This boyband of 7 of the world's most handsome men has broke many world records and is the only Asian band nominated in Grammy Awards more than once.



In second place is none other than the equally popular all-girl band BLACKPINK, This band of 4 girls is very close to the popularity of BTS in Korea and across the world. Many of their songs have come to Billboard Hot 100 list. Each of the band members is equally popular individually. They also have a very big fandom known as BLINKS. Their influence on Koreans and the rest of the world is undeniable.


Son Heung Min

Next on the list is fierce and hot male football player Song Heung Min. Not only does he play forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur, but he also captains the South Korean national team! He is widely considered to be one of the greatest Korean football players of all time.

Son Heung Min

Lee Chanwon (Singer)

The third trot singer on the list, Lee Chanwon just so happened to land in 3rd place in the same season as Mr. Trot. Thanks to his popularity, he has appeared on television shows and has won several awards and recognitions. The singer is nicknamed Chantobaegi in Korea. He is very popular among young Koreans. He is also known for his humanitarian contribution.

lee chan won

Lee Seung G

Multitalented entertainer Lee Seung Gi is fifth on the list, and for good reason. He is more than capable of singing, acting, and hosting. He has won multiple awards in his career so far, and his fanbase is only growing larger each day!

lee seung gi
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