Helen Page: Texas Business Teacher Arrested for Sending Nude Photos and Illicit Messages to Student

Page would send the 15-year-old former student her nude photos and describe the sexual acts she wanted them to perform together via Snapchat.

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A Houston teacher has been accused of sending her nude pictures and illicit messages to her teen student describing sexual acts she wanted to do with him. Helen Page, 49, has been arrested and charged for maintaining an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old student over phone.

Page admitted about her relationship with the student after investigators with the District Attorney's Office found nude pictures during a forensic investigation of Page's cellphone. This led to a felony charge of "improper relationship with a student." However, it is still not clear if the two shared a physical relationship although Page had always wanted to have sex with the boy.

Obsessed with Student

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Page, a business teacher at the Aldine Ninth Grade School in Houston, Texas, was arrested and charged with felony improper relationship with a student, the Aldine Independent School District said Monday. The relationship started almost suddenly.

Page began speaking to one of her former students on Snapchat last summer. Soon she started sending him her nude photos and would describe the sexual acts she wanted them to perform together. Understandably, she desperately wanted to have wild sex with the student. However, investigators didn't say if she got physical with the teen student.

A witness later told investigators that Page revealed the relationship to them and told them they were in "love." "The witness also told investigators Page contacted her through text message in which she stated she was in a relationship with a student, they loved each other and the student told his parents," KTRK in Houston reported. However, page initially denied the relationship.

She said she never sent the student any inappropriate images, despite investigators with the Houston District Attorney's Office reportedly finding nude photos on her phone as part of their forensic investigation. However, she later admitted to have sent the student her nude photos. "This was a huge mistake," she reportedly said in court, according to KRPC 2. "I didn't mean to do it."

Not Ethical

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The incident came to light after Page confided about her illicit relationship in another teacher. However, she told her colleague that she was in "love" with the teenager. The teacher later turned witness. The teacher allegedly said Page also told her via text that the student told his parents about the relationship.

Court documents state Page would often talk to her students through Snapchat, Instagram, emails, cellphone calls and text messages. Page was suspended from her job after things came to light in November after Aldine Independent School District opened an internal investigation into the relationship.

The investigation was finally handed over to investigators with the Houston District Attorney's Office, who found the nude photos she sent her former student in a forensic investigation of her phone. "This district turned over the investigation to the Aldine Police Department and charges were filed," school officials said in a statement, adding that they do not "condone nor tolerate any employee who engages in inappropriate behavior." Following that page was arrested but released on bail on Tuesday against $30,000 bond.