Hebe Tien, the popular 'H' from the Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, is all set to kickstart her solo 'If Plus World Tour' from June 2016.

The Mandopop singer who culminated her first solo 'IF' tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 5 March, held a press conference to announce the second leg of her 'plus' tour on Monday. The series of concerts which will see a grand opening at the Hong Kong Coliseum will be followed up by five stops in China and one in Taiwan.

The singer-actress, who has just turned 33, is reportedly very happy on the success of her previous tour, and has personally involved herself in the re-designing, aiming for a better audio-visual experience for concert goers in her upcoming new tour.

On asked about her forthcoming performance at IF PLUS tour, the singer stated that she has ample experience in performing live and is not worried, as her fans are very supportive and interactive.

A few days back Hebe performed as an S.H.E member with her other two counterparts, Selina and Ella in Macau. It was the first concert for Selina after her divorce. On asked about Selina's experience on performing after the divorce news, Hebe said: "I cannot speak on Selina's behalf for this, but thank you for your concern. S.H.E has been together for 15 years, and we'll be with her, just like sisters, even when we're busy."

The singer also added that Selina's condition was very good and she performed gracefully as always. Hebe also wished 'good health' for Ella who is expecting her first child this year, as per Toggle.