Selina Jen opens up after divorce: I'm lucky, more happy, relaxed and content'

Selina Jen explains in a Facebook post how running has released all her tension and how she attained.happiness after divorce.

The popular S from S.H.E band, Selina Jen, seems more happy, relaxed and content after she announced her divorce from husband Richard Chang last week on Facebook.

The 34 year-old took to Facebook again to thank her band members, her friends, family, and Chang himself for giving her unconditional support in tough times. She also expressed her state of repose and tranquility, which she achieved by a morning jog, releasing all the discomfort she had before.

In a translated post on Straits Times, the songstress reportedly wrote that the 'magic of running' has released all her tension and stress.

She said that she was breathless and felt heavy on her feet, still she kept running till the time she reached a bridge top, where "I felt a burst of heat rushing out of my chest, the stress and emotion seemed to be released, like stomach gas let out in a loud belch."

"Although I was running more and more slowly, and sweating more and more, my heart was more and more relaxed. This is the fascinating magic of running," she said.

"On the way home, my heart was full of gratitude. All the way, when I experienced different scenery in my life, my family, Hebe, Ella, my friends and Richard never let me face it alone."

She wrote that she has been very lucky and will carry on with running and facing challenges with her 'battle dress' on.

Selina Jen and Richard Chang decided to part ways after four years of marriage.