Heart Warming! Hyundai Showroom in Brazil Hires Stray Dog as Salesman

A stray dog found a new life thanks to the manager of an automobile showroom who saw his potential as an employee.

What do you expect when you walk into a Hyundai showroom? Lots of shining cars and salesman trying to convince you to buy one. However, what people would take for granted is the fact that all the employees in the store would be Homo Sapiens, or humans in common language. But, visitors to a Hyundai branch in Brazil will confront a sight that will challenge this assumption.

On a rainy day some time ago, the staff of this Hyundai Prime branch saw a stray dog, accustomed to being in an area, battling the elements in the open. The compassionate employees invited him into their store and gave him a meal. The manager of the showroom, Emerson Mariano, though, wasn't satisfied with this. He wanted to provide job security to their canine guest.

Dog salesman
Tuscon Prime one duty at the showroom Instagram

New job

So, Mariano decided to induct the animal, now named Tuscon Prime, after one of the company's models, into his staff. He was appointed to the position of 'official meeter & greeter.' So now, when prospective customers enter the shop, they find the benign presence of Tuscon Prime welcoming them.

This appointment benefits both parties. The newest employee of the branch is no longer an unemployed tramp foraging for food on the unsympathetic streets of Brazil. The store, on the other hand, has a star attraction to impress the visitors.

"The company has always been pet-friendly," Emerson Mariano told an automobile magazine of the country. "We decided to embrace this idea in practice too." He described the dog as having a "caring and docile nature" – something that the employers feel goes well with the image of the company that they want to project.

Dog Salesman
Tuscon Prime with one of his bosses Instagram

Tuscon's popularity

Tuscon Prime has also taken his popularity to social media. He has his own Instagram account where not only the pictures of this most unique member of the staff are posted but also messages for his fans.

"Where I came from, I didn't have this technology. Me and my humans are still trying to find a way to deal with so much love and affection," the voice of Tuscon Prime on Instagram informs his followers and fans.

On a serious note, the problem of stray dogs in Brazil is a serious one. The number of these canine creatures without shelter and someone to look after them has grown and needs attention. While it would require large-scale efforts to solve the larger problem, as of now, this heartwarming story has received a great response from the people on social media.