Health scare for 98-year-old Prince Philip as he is flown to the hospital

In the past, Prince Philip has undergone a series of major surgeries for abdomen, bladder and heart

The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip Major has faced a health scare as he was flown to the King Edward VII hospital for observation and treatment, for a pre-existing condition. The 98-year-old Duke was in Sandringham Palace for the annual Christmas celebrations.

Following a bad fall, the Duke had remained bed-ridden for almost a month. A royal source had revealed to The Sun, "The Duke had a bad fall and was confined to bed for a couple of days. He didn't break anything, but it gave everyone a scare. He suffers from gout which makes him more irritable and he lost his appetite. Those around him were worried as he'd stopped eating and didn't want to go out. But he's a 98-year-old man and this is all very common at this age."

A statement issued by the Buckingham Palace said, "The Duke of Edinburgh travelled from Norfolk this morning to the King Edward VII Hospital in London for observation and treatment in relation to a pre-existing condition. The admission is a precautionary measure on the advice of His Royal Highness's doctor."

The Car Crash in January

Queen and Prince Philip platinum wedding anniversary

It was in January this year when the Duke of Edinburgh was injured after his vehicle, Land Rover Freelander, overturned after colliding with another vehicle near the Sandringham estate. The Duke was driving the vehicle and was pictured not wearing a seat belt during the accident. In February, Prince Philip voluntarily surrendered his driving licence.

Previous health issues

With advancing age, the Duke has had his share of health issues including abdominal surgery, bladder infections and a blocked coronary artery.

In 1961, the Duke who has arthritis in right wrist, suffered a broken ankle after his fall from the horse while playing polo. In 2004, he injured himself after he slipped while getting out of the bath during a tour in Germany. The Duke underwent surgery for Carpal tunnel syndrome, a tingling, sensation in the hand and fingers, in 2010.

In 2011, after complaining of chest pains, Prince Philip was immediately treated for a blocked coronary artery and inserted with a stent. During the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Duke was admitted for five days after suffering from a bladder infection, June 2012. Two months later, he was admitted again after the relapse of infection.

Prince Philip celebrated his 92nd birthday in the hospital where he underwent abdominal surgery in June 2013. The reason behind the surgery was not disclosed by the Buckingham Palace. In August 2013, he was admitted again for bladder infection.

In June 2017, the Duke was admitted in the hospital for treatment of an infection which arose from a pre-existing condition. In April 2018, the Prince underwent hip replacement surgery. In March 2018, he missed the Maundy Thursday service because of a problem with his hip and a few days later, in April 2018, Philip spent 11 days in hospital after a hip replacement.

Lonely Christmas for Queen

Despite his fragile health condition, the Duke of Edinburgh has been maintaining an active lifestyle and is often seen accompanying his wife, Queen Elizabeth II for all the official functions. With Duke of Edinburgh being hospitalised, it appears that the Queen would be having a lonely Christmas this year. She boarded the train to Sandringham for the annual family event, as the Duke was flown out of the Norfolk estate.

Just days before turning 90, the Duke stepped down as president of more than a dozen organisations. It was in 2017 when the 95-year-old formally retired from the public duties so as to enjoy more free time. On the last day of his official engagement, the Duke walked around the courtyard of Buckingham Palace as he met the Royal Marines in the pouring rain.