Have You Followed These Cutest Kids Yet? They Are a Few of The Famous Influencers on Instagram

These kids influencers are rising with the unconditional support from their parents and followers alike

The kids' product market has grown exponentially in this century. From Bibs to shoes, clothes, and furniture everything is now branded. Brands have understood that parents are ready to spend to get quality products for the well-being and happiness of their kids. This is the reason they search for kid influencers on social media who could effectively endorse their products. Today we have brought a few of the cutest kids influencers from Singapore whose innocence will steal your heart. These kids are equally popular as the older influencers on social media.

Momo Twins – Leia, Lauren, and baby brother Luke

With a whopping follower count of 282,000 followers famous Momo twins Leia and Lauren are stealing the limelight on Instagram, they have been joined by their baby brother Luke now. Their account is managed by their parents. The account has been managed with aesthetic vibes. One can find cutely styled siblings in coordinated dresses and pictures from travels and staycations. Also, scroll through this account for parenting tips and to know how traveling could be fun with kids alone.

Momo Twins

Starley Tan

The little angel is surely going to win over billions of hearts with her cuteness to die for. She is the daughter of Singapore's star YouTuber Jian Hao Tan. Daughter of celebrity parents she enjoys public attention with complete swag. Her outfits are a delight to watch. Little Starley has 122,000 followers on Instagram. Her account is managed by both parents. She is a total fashionista, one can take cues from her OOTDs to style the kids in cool and casual style. She can easily turn heads with her style statements.

Starley tan

Meredith Tan Xi Ziang

This charming young girl is the daughter of blogger Bong Qui Ting. She is the cutest child comedian anyone could come around to. Her cute jokes and acting would make you giggle like a child. She has 66,000 followers on Instagram. She makes you believe that no one can make you laugh better than a child. Her feeds have funny videos and adorable pictures with family and friends.


Amelia Tan Xi Ziang

Next on our list is Amelia, she is the younger sister of Meredith and is equally charming. Amelia has 18,000 followers on Instagram. Her account is also managed by her parents. Her account is full of sweet pictures of family and friends. In her latest post, she is seen riding a horse.


Harley & Harper

These are the youngest and cutest twins and influencers in the making. Both the toddlers are super cute and their pics will bring an instant smile to anyone's face. Both the girls are generally in matching outfits that make them look even more delectable. Their parents have made them dress in theme dresses like caterpillars, butterflies, and many other cute things. Their account will make you fall in love with these little dolls.

harley and harper