Has Running Man cast chosen a bride for Kim Jong Kook already?

Kim Jong Kook will reportedly meet her on a Han River ferry.

Running Man Member's Week
'Running Man' cast during a meeting for "Member's Week" 2017 project. instagram.com/sbs_runningman_sbs

Singer Kim Jong Kook of Running Man may be getting married soon. The showrunners and producers on the variety program have reportedly set up a blind date for him.

Website Soompi mentions a report appearing on South Korean newspaper Sports Chosun, that says Running Man cast member Kim Jong Kook is being set up on a blind date in the variety show, which will be a special episode aimed at getting the bachelor married. It is also being mentioned that the effort by the Running Man showrunners is a sincere one. Jong Kook is supposed to meet a non-celebrity woman on a Han River ferry.

What is more interesting is that the woman in question is reportedly an accomplished individual as well as quite beautiful. The remaining cast members on Running Man will most likely show their support for Kim Jong Kook and his blind date. They will do so by accomplishing a set of tasks designed to help Jong Kook appear more suitable to the mystery woman.

The episode will be a part of a longer "Member's Week" project which will be about each of the remaining 'Running Man' hosts. Kim Jong Kook's episode will air on January 15. This will be preceded by Song Ji Hyo's special episode, which has already been filmed, and will air on January 8.

Kim Jong Kook is indeed an eligible and handsome bachelor but he is not getting any younger. At 40, many feel that now is the right time for him to find a loving partner and settle down. He reportedly broke up with his previous girlfriend due to a commitment issue regarding exercising, Allkpop had reported. Though the blind date set up feels like damage control, especially after SBS wrongfully removed Jong Kook and Ji Hyo from the show, earlier.

There were rumours, earlier, about Kim Jong Kook secretly dating Song Ji Hyo. They were seen holding hands in a few episodes in addition to Jong Kook being especially protective of her. In fact, most recently, Kim Jong Kook was told by fortune tellers on 'Running Man' that he has the most marriage compatibility with Song Ji Hyo. However, their dating rumours fizzled out. Because almost every Running Man member is protective of Ji Hyo; she being the only female host in the variety show. And perhaps Lee Kwang Soo has been even more protective of the actress than most, though he calls her his "real older sister."

Kim Jong Kook has been rather secretive about his love-life. Soompi noted in September, last year, that even the singer's close friends have little idea about his dating life. That may change soon if SBS's attempt proves successful.

This article was first published on January 3, 2017
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