Horrifying Video Shows Taliban Fighters Executing Unarmed Man Arrested in Panjshir Valley [GRAPHIC]

The video has surfaces amid reports of Taliban fighters raiding houses in Panjshir Valley and killing them mercilessly.

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A chilling video has emerged that captures the moment Taliban fighters shoot dead an unarmed man, believed to be a civilian, in revenge killing in Afghanistan's Panjshir Valley. The man was first arrested and then taken to a street where the Taliban fighters execute him in the most brutal manner, while others watch on.

The disturbing video uploaded earlier this week, has since gone viral. The video has surfaces amid reports of Taliban fighters raiding houses in Panjshir Valley and killing them mercilessly. According to reports at least 20 people have been killed in a similar fashion in the valley since it was captured by the Taliban last week.

Horrifying Scene

The footage shows two men who appear to be Taliban militants marching a man to the side of a road. The man is unarmed and his hands are tied. The street is crowded and bystanders look at the man. The two Taliban fighters, wearing khameez shirts and lungee head-dresses, then push him to the other side of the road and take a few steps back.

Clutching rifles, they then order him to stand on the other side of the street. The two Taliban fighters then fire multiple gunshots and the helpless man collapses on the ground. The gunmen then climb into American-made Humvees and drive away.

The identity of the man is not known but local media reports claim that he was a civilian and was arrested by the Taliban from his house in Panjshir Valley. It is not clear why exactly he was targeted.

It is possible that he could also be a soldier of the Afghan resistance force that is fighting the Taliban in Panjshir Valley, as he can be seen wearing combat trousers and a military-issue t-shirt in the video.

However, bystanders in the video insisted that he was a civilian and many like him have been killed over the past few days since the Taliban claimed control over the valley last week.

Complete Unrest

Taliban execution video
The man being executed by Taliban fighters Twitter

Taliban have been on a killing spree ever since the US troops evacuated Afghanistan on August 31. Although they had promised to treat women properly and others with sympathy, video on social media and media reports prove that they haven't been doing so.

Their latest target is the people of Panjshir Valley where they are killing those who had earlier or now been helping the resistance force. Also among those killed in Panjshir Valley for helping the resistance is shopkeeper Abdul Sami, according to sources who spoke to the BBC.

According to locals Sami, a father-of-two, refused to flee as the Taliban advanced because he believed they wouldn't target him. However, he was proven wrong as he was arrested within days after the Taliban entered Panjshir.

He was accused of selling phone SIM cards to resistance fighters, and then his body was found near his home. Witnesses said there were signs he had been tortured before his death.

The Panjshir Valley remains the only region in Afghanistan that hasn't been captured by the Taliban as they conquered the rest of the country in a lightning-fast offensive last month.