Harrowing Video Captures Moment Giant Crocodile Carries Body of 4-Year-Old Boy Through Indonesian River to Rescuers as Fishermen Watch in Shock [WATCH]

The 10-foot-long crocodile was spotted by baffled fishermen as it swam around 700 feet across the tidal bay in the direction of a boat.

A giant crocodile in a most unexpected way carried a four-year-old boy's body intact to rescuers a mile from the spot where he drowned in an Indonesian river. The boy, identified as Muhammad Ziyad Wijaya in local media, had disappeared two days ago in the vicinity of the Jawa Estuary in the East Kalimantan province.

A dramatic video from the Mahakam River in Borneo has emerged that captures the moment the enormous crocodile moves through the water while carrying a young child on its back. The crocodile was spotted by shocked fishermen as it carried the body of the boy when they stopped the giant reptile.

Dead but Intact

The 10-foot-long crocodile was spotted by baffled fishermen as it swam around 700 feet across the tidal bay in the direction of a boat. The boy's body was left alongside a boat after the reptile, one of nature's most ruthless killers, dropped it there.

The harrowing video shows two men bringing the boy's body aboard the boat. It meant that the family could be reunited with their son.

Crocodile carrying boy
The giant 10-feet-long crocodile seen carrying the body of the 4-year-old boy Twitter

There were no bite marks on the body, according to the local media.

The child they were looking for was found to be being carried by a crocodile, according to information provided to members of the East Kalimantan Search and Rescue Agency.

The team's commander, Melkanius Kotta, stated: "We believe the crocodile actually aided in the search for the victim."

"Nothing is missing. Everything is intact."

Crocodile carrying boy
The crocodile left the boy's body intact near a boat and left Twitter

An unnamed spectator captured the chilling video as the two men in the boat swiftly grabbed control of the dead child toddler.

The crocodile then vanished beneath the water's surface.

Chilling Scene

The cause of Muhammad's drowning and whether crocodiles in the estuary contributed to his death are still unknown. Initial investigation suggests that the child was not a victim of the enormous reptile but accidentally fell into the river by accident while playing.

Crocodile attack
Crocodile (Representational purpose only) Twitter

It may have been that the boy died by drowning and then the crocodile without doing anything carried the body of the boy on its back and left it near a boat.

Many internet users conjectured that the crocodile deliberately delivered Muhammad out of instinct and compassion when the video went viral.

Crocodile (Representational Picture) Wikimedia Commons

Although crocodiles kill more than 1,000 people every year on average, they rarely go hunting for people. There were 221 crocodile attacks in Borneo between 2007 and 2016, which led to 129 fatalities, according to ResearchGate.

The most reported attacks were in Sarawak and East Kalimantan. A man was eaten alive by a crocodile in February of last year while taking a dip in an Indonesian river.

A 13-foot crocodile dragged Luther, 51, beneath as he was taking a bath in the water in the province of North Kalimantan, despite the efforts of his friends to frighten the reptile away. Borneo is reported to be home to three different crocodile species: saltwater, siamese, and tomistoma.