Hansen interviews self-described 'witness' Beck on her time spent at the Onision household

Beck, who was 20 at the time of living with Onision and his spouse Kai speaks on her time with the couple; gives credence to Sarah's testimony

As Chris Hansen continues his YouTube series 'Have a seat with Chris Hansen', it seems with every passing sit-down more and more troubling allegations are coming to light, giving a clear picture of what anyone unlucky enough to find themselves at Greg's residence has gone through.

After speaking to Sarah, the 14-year-old girl, now 18, who lived with the couple during her troubled teenage years under the legal guardianship of Kai- who blew the lid of the case by describing Greg's predatory ways during her stay, Hansen then interviewed Billie and Regina, both ex-girlfriends of the couple.

Same story, different characters

Beck speaks to Chris Hansen on his show on 3rd January. @youtube/haveaseatwithchrishansen

The story of these women could be blindly traced on paper as they all follow pretty much the same narrative. First, an enamoured underage fan, always a girl, gets in touch with the couple and is enticed into a relationship with Kai, who now identifies as a man, then a woman.

The girl is then flown out to their residence in Washington State with promises of work, camaraderie and a relationship with Kai alone. All these women, including Sarah who was only 13 at the time of getting into contact with the couple admit to willingly entering a relationship with Kai which later turns into an awkward three-way polyamorous relationship with Greg butting in.

Greg, without talking any of the dynamics of the relationship with his spouse, starts to pull the strings from the background, coercing these women into having sex with him. This inevitably led to tension between the occupants of the house making the third wheel, the women at their house feeling victimized and used- before leading to their exit, followed by harassment online, courtesy of Greg.

Sarah in her interview claimed that talks of her becoming a part of a threesome with Greg and Kai took place as the Regina drama was unfolding, showing the lengths Greg is willing to go to ensure his sexual gratification. These women essentially end up functioning as the help for the couple, helping Kai with chores and taking care of Greg's small children.

Bille and Regina Speak

Billie's sit-down with Hansen @youtube/haveaseatwithchrishansen

Regina, in her sit-down, claimed to feel used after having sex with Greg behind Kai's back due to his coercion. He lied to her saying he had ironed out the details with his spouse which he had not done, basically cheating on his wife/husband while living under the same roof.

This led to her leaving their house but Regina states that the turmoil didn't come to a close for her there due to Greg's penchant for broadcasting every minute detail of his personal life to the internet, which always leads to these women being harassed online, after the fact.

Regina's talk with Hansen @youtube/haveaseatwithchrishansen

Billie, who again, wanted only to be Kai's partner was roped into a three-way relationship. Billie's departure was on account of her smoking weed and lying about it to the couple, which, in Greg's world is the worst sin anyone can commit and according to him must be punished with getting a dehumanizing tattoo on their body and chained up in the basement.

Yes, Greg asked Billie, as a form of punishment for her transgressions to get a tattoo reading 'i'm a liar' on her derriere and to allow him to chain her up in the basement.

Greg filming one of his new 'breakdown' videos @youtube/onisionspeaks

Beck backs up Sarah

Hansen's calm yet deliberate method of questioning really seems to work for these wronged women giving them a space to lay all of what they went throughout in the open for all to see. His series was started with Patient Zero aka Shiloh, who was Greg's second wife. Her story tracks back all the way to 2011 and is harrowing.

patient zero
Shiloh opens up about her struggles of getting her career back on track after Greg. wikimediacommons

Now, after a couple of weeks of rest, allowing Greg to post his 'breakdown' videos, Hansen returned with another edition of his series, this time talking to someone who doesn't want to be seen as a victim, rather a witness, as she was 20 at the time of getting to know the couple.

Beck, who came into contact with the couple on one of their forums can be seen in Greg's video titled 'watch this before I delete it', a video that is still available on YouTube. Beck claims that in her case, Greg was the one who was her friend while Kai gave nothing more than a cold shoulder as she saw her as an unwelcome participant in their marriage.

The most interesting part of the conversation was her description of Greg and Kai's everyday life, in which, she states that Greg is neglectful of his home, his pets and even his kids for the most part. He would not care about his dogs to the point that they would start to smell.

kai and sarah
Kai(left) and Sarah(right) on one of Kai's videos @YouTube/Koolguykai

She claims that the weight of running the household fell solely on Kai's shoulders and it was Greg's then-burgeoning career that made Kai feel trapped. She spilt the beans on the condition of their house always being dilapidated and their pet dogs completely neglected. She went on to say that during the filming of videos, one of the primary reasons for her heading to the household that Greg made a pass at her and when she tried to bring it up with Kai, she was snubbed by him.

Greg in one of his new videos, titled, 'help' @youtube/onisionspeaks

She said Kai did not want to hear a thing of what Greg had done. During her talk, she mentioned that one of her main motivations behind speaking out was to substantiate Sarah's experiences as both of them were at Greg's house at the same time.

She said that Sarah's time at their household was no walk in the park as she was constantly under duress her entire stay, which is especially troubling considering the fact that she was underage at the time. After leaving Greg's house, she stated that when she decided to publicly disagree with Greg online, it resulted in him picking a fight with her, leading to unwarranted attention.

blaire white exposes
YouTuber Blaire White speaks to Sarah @youtube/blairewhite

Her story points to a man who has massive fancies himself a cult-leader, who wants nothing but compliance and when he doesn't get that, he lashes out. A departure from the previous talks, with women unwittingly roped into an unstable polyamorous relationship with the couple, this one told the story from a bystander's perspective-watching the chaos unfold in front of them.

sarah speaks
Sarah making a video at Greg's behest @youtube/blairewhite

Beck backed the fact that Greg goes after young girls, women

Beck also backed up the fact that Greg goes after young girls and women as they are more malleable compared to women in their 20's for example. He prays of their lack of experience and takes advantage of them-something he would be unable to do with a matured woman.

Adrienne, another one of Greg's exes, who was in her 20's when she started to date him outlines all his attempts of manipulation falling flat as they are of the same age category. Hansen grows ever more confident with each interview that he rid Onision of YouTube for good this time around.