Han Seo Hee explains why she hates EXO-L

Han Seo Hee expressed her feelings on her Instagram Live video.

Han Seo Hee
Han Seo Hee has revealed why she is not a fan of EXO-L Instagram

Han Seo Hee has been very vocal about her feelings on social media recently. The trainee in Big Bang T.O.P's marijuana case has now revealed why she dislikes South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO-L.

During one of her Instagram Live video, Seo Hee said: "Why do I hate EXO-L? Why do I keep mentioning EXO-L, who aren't doing anything to me? Who were the ones who tried to bury a woman while instigating and politicizing in a community? Who were the thousands, no the tens of thousands who created rumors and cursed, criticized, and mocked me? Now you're acting like the victims? The victims are me and the people who support me."

Seo Hee made headlines after she was caught smoking marijuana with T.O.P in June. She was sentenced to four years of probation for committing the crime.

Previously, the 22-year-old artist revealed the details of her relationship with T.O.P. During her Instagram live session on September 24, she was asked if she really dated the singer.

Seo Hee replied: "It's true that I've dated him. He told a close unnie of mine that he wants to get to know me and that's how we met. Several reporters know that T.O.P was the first one to approach me."

"We don't contact each other. I'm using a different phone now and recently, 'Choi Seung Hyun has added Han Seo Hee' appeared (on messenger) so I deleted him immediately," she added.