'Girls' Generation 1979' cast members share thoughts after drama ends

CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun, Cosmic Girls's Bona, and Seo Young Joo thank viewers of 'Girls' Generation 1979.'

'Girls' Generation 1979'
From left, CNBLUE's Lee Jong-hyun, Cosmic Girls's Bona and Seo Young-joo. facebook.com/KBSPR

The final episode of KBS2's "Girls' Generation 1979" was aired on Tuesday, October 3. The main cast members of the coming-of-age drama, namely CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun, Cosmic Girls's Bona, and Seo Young Joo, revealed their thoughts on the filming experience.

As noted by Soompi, through his agency FNC Entertainment, Lee Jong-hyun said, on October 4, "I am grateful to 'Girls' Generation 1979′ for allowing me to experience a time period in which I've never lived. I was able to imagine myself in that era and I will never forget the liveliness of the set. I am grateful to the director, cast, and crew for giving me this precious experience and they worked hard."

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Jong-hyun, who had described his character as "a real man from Gyeongsang Province" added, "Thank you to the viewers who loved Joo Young-choon and 'Girls' Generation 1979′ until the end. I hope that I was able to convey the excitement of the era through Joo Young-choon and hope to meet you through another project soon. Please look forward to it."

For Cosmic Girls member Bona, this was the first leading role; playing a high school teenager in 1970's Daegu city, South Korea. She released a statement through her agency Starship Entertainment, which read, "Firstly, thank you to everyone who loved 'Girls' Generation 1979.' It was an honour to participate in this great production with a great character, and I'm grateful to everyone who enjoyed watching. The filming time I spent as Jung-hee was even more precious because it was only a month and a half long. I think that I was able to get positive energy from the lovable and bright Jung-hee."

Bona also thanked the entire production team and said, "Thank you to the long-suffering directors, writers, cast, and crew who worked tirelessly from the first day of filming to the last. I was able to film happily because of the good atmosphere on set and because I met such good people. Thanks to Jung-hee, I learned a lot and it was a time full of happy memories. Thank you and thank you again."

Seo Young-joo, who played an unassuming high school student called Bae Dong-moon, pining for Jung-hee's love, also released a statement through his agency AOF Entertainment. He said, "Short on one hand, long on another, a very happy month went by. I was able to recognise 'Girls' Generation 1979′ as a good production by getting to feel and try new things in my acting. I thought to myself, 'Can a month really go by so fast?' I want to thank the writers for creating such a good production, director Hong Suk-goo for giving me lots of advice, and to all the staff members."

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This article was first published on October 4, 2017