Hamas Terrorists Raped 'Beautiful Woman with Face of Angel' as She Screamed to Be Killed Before They Shot Her Dead, October 7 Survivor Recounts

The distress continued for Saadon when, while hiding in the bushes, he witnessed two more Hamas fighters capturing another woman.

A "beautiful woman with the face of an angel" was reportedly raped by a group of eight to ten Hamas terrorists, a survivor of the October 7 massacre in Israel has told as he described the horrific atrocities of the terrorist group. Another victim was mercilessly beheaded with a shovel while attempting to defend herself during the attack.

Yoni Saadon, 39, who hid beneath the dead bodies to survive the Supernova peace festival when the Palestinian fiends slaughtered at least 364 festival-goers, including the gang-raped woman, who begged to be killed., now wakes up in the middle of the night in anguish to see the faces of the fallen women.

Haunting Images of Rape and Murder

Israeli woman shot dead
An Israeli woman shot dead by Hamas terrorists X

A haunting image etched indiscriminately into his mind is the gruesome scene where a woman's decapitated head rolled across the road, a horrifying consequence of her refusal to be forcibly stripped naked.

As the sun rose during the desert festival and Hamas terrorists infiltrated the area, Saadon sought refuge under a music stage. Unfortunately, a woman hiding alongside him was identified by the terrorists.

Israel music festival
Revelers at the music festival seen running to save their lives as Hamas militants launched an attack on them X

"I saw this beautiful woman with the face of an angel and eight or 10 of the fighters beating and raping her," recalled Saadon, a foundry shift manager. "She was screaming, 'Stop it already! I'm going to die anyway from what you are doing, just kill me!'

"When they finished, they were laughing, and the last one shot her in the head," he said.

"She fell to the ground, shot in the head, and I pulled her body over me and smeared her blood on me so it would look as if I was dead too,' he told The Sunday Times.

Saadon recounted seeing the horrifying incident after dragging the body of a dead woman, who had suffered a gunshot to the head, over himself. He smeared her blood on his own body to create the appearance that he, too, was lifeless.

Shani Louk
Shani Louk's lifeless body seen being paraded on a truck by Hamas millitants X

"I will never forget her face. Every night I wake to it and apologize to her, saying 'I'm sorry'."

Saadon said he eventually joined others who had fled the site and hid in trees and bushes.

Saadon, the father of four, admitted the haunting realization that one of his daughters or his sister could have been in that horrifying situation, as his mind constantly replayed the scenario.

Distressing Moment of Helplessness

The distress continued for Saadon when, while hiding in the bushes, he witnessed two more Hamas fighters capturing another woman.

Noa Argamani
Noa Argamani seen screaming for help as she is snatched away from a rave she was attending X

"She was fighting back, not allowing them to strip her', he recalled. 'They threw her to the ground and one of the terrorists took a shovel and beheaded her and her head rolled along the ground.

"I see that head too," he admitted.

Saadon recounted his experience to The Sunday Times during a support group session for festival survivors in Sitria, southeast of Tel Aviv. Survivors and parents whose children were among the victims gather three times a week for these sessions.

Among the volunteer therapists present is Bar Yuval-Shani, 58, who lost her only sister, Deborah, and brother-in-law, Shlomi Matias, both musicians and peace activists. They were killed on Holit kibbutz by militants who broke into their safe room.

Hamas has denied allegations of sexual violence. However, according to Israel Defense Forces sources, captured terrorists have stated that they were ordered to engage in acts of sexual violence against women.

Hamas executing hostages
Around 240 civilians are believed to have been held hostage by Hamas in Gaza X

Investigations into these alleged assaults initially faced challenges due to the absence of physical evidence, as rape kits were not used on the survivors and corpses were recovered within the first 48 hours.

Israeli forensic teams, upon examining the bodies of the dead, reported finding multiple indications of rape, torture, and other atrocities inflicted upon the victims.

Over 1,500 heart-wrenching testimonials have been collected, shedding further light on the extent of the horrors experienced by the victims.

"We saw many women with bloody underwear, with broken bones, broken legs, broken pelvises," said a volunteer worker at the Shura military morgue named Shari to the Washington Post.

Shari, a 60-year-old architect from Jerusalem, said that the experience of opening body bags from the scenes of the massacre was exceptionally traumatic.

"They were all young women. Most in little clothing or shredded clothing and their bodies bloodied, particularly round their underwear, and some women shot many times in the face as if to mutilate them," she said.

"Some bodies we took out had pretty pink or bright purple nails, and we would all pause and at that point many of us broke down," she said.

Officials reported that certain bodies that arrived at Shura were severely mutilated to the point where collecting evidence of sexual assault would be deemed impossible.