Half-Naked Blonde Woman Kisses Tiger Woods During LIVE Golf Match

A half-naked bikini-clad woman was seen running into a golf course and kissing Tiger Woods.

A blonde woman, who stripped half-naked was once seen running into the course to kiss golf legend Tiger Woods that inadvertently distracted him. Shaken by the sizzling encounter, the renowned golfer missed his birdie putt during the game. The surprising incident took place during the first round of the Open Championships in 1999 at Carnoustie in Scotland, according to Daily Star reports.

Reportedly, the woman, who ran past security and onto the green to kiss Woods, was wearing only a black bra and underwear. She shocked Woods with her sultry act before darting off back to the stands after getting what she wanted.

While reports suggest the tournament is best remembered for Jean Van de Velde surrendering a three-shot lead during the game on the final hole, only a few could forget the hot streaker who was probably hoping the golf legend might surrender to her.

Tiger Woods gets kissed
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"I heard Ian Woosnam laughing, looked over, and saw some feet," Woods said after completing the round. "Luckily, she didn't have a lot on, because if someone comes out of the stands like that and has a lot of clothing on, you never know what they have in there or what they're hiding behind their back," the legendary golf player wittily said.

"She gave me a hug and a quick kiss, but I wasn't worried. I knew she wasn't hiding anything. She didn't have a whole lot on, so I guess I assumed it was a pretty benign situation," Woods added, as per reports.

After the kissing incident, the streaker in lover with Woods was identified as Yvonne Robb, who at the time was an exotic dancer aged 20 from Arbroath in Scotland. Due to her bizarre act in public, she was fined 100 pounds, and even had to deal with some pesky legal issues.

But, she pleaded not guilty to charges pressed against her for the incident wherein she is accused of conducting herself in a disorderly manner as she stripped down to her underwear, climbed a barrier fence, ran onto the playing surface, took hold of a player and breached the peace on Carnoustie Links on July 15.

"It was the best kiss I ever had. It was worth it," Robb expressed and added, "I just love Tiger. I'll have to surprise you all again next year." Well, lets hope Woods will be ready this time.