HAI ROBOTICS seeks to bring intelligent logistics solutions to Southeast Asia with its newly opened Singapore demo center


Southeast Asia online sales have boomed, bringing with it unique warehousing and logistics challenges. HAI ROBOTICS, the pioneer of Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) systems, has opened its first demo center in Singapore to demonstrate its automated warehousing solutions. Amidst global business expansion with Southeast Asia as one of the crucial markets, HAI ROBOTICS hopes to enhance local service to customers in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and other southeast Asian countries.

HAI ROBOTICS independently developed its ACR technology in 2015, followed closely by the introduction of its HAIPICK System, the first ACR system in the world. ACR system differs from other existing autonomous mobile robot solutions by intelligently identifying the desired totes and cartons, instead of the whole rack, and bringing them to the workstation autonomously. The HAIPICK System was put into commercial use in 2018.

Launched in September, the Singapore demo center was built to showcase the operation of HAIPICK A42 Multi-Layer ACR, and multi-function HAISTATION workstations, which are key components of HAIPICK System. With automation solutions, HAI ROBOTICS aims to maximize workflow efficiencies with increased speed and accuracy, reduce operating costs of warehouses, and improve productivity when implemented for factory intralogistics.

With implementation of HAIPICK System, customers can achieve storage density improvement by 80-400% along with a 3 to 4-fold increase in worker picking efficiency. The HAIPICK A42 Multi-Layer ACR helps to increase efficiency and storage density with the following advantages:

  • Picking and storage up to a height of 5.2 meters
  • Handling up to 9 cases simultaneously
  • Flexible payload dimensions- Supports separate and mixed picking of plastic totes and carton boxes
  • CE/CNTRL certification, ensuring a high standard of safe operation

The demo center also features the company's HAIPORT-powered Workstation, and its On-Conveyor Picking Workstation, with the former specializing in flexible, adjustable case loading and unloading, and the latter focusing on efficient and convenient picking processes.

Running parallel to the demo center's opening, HAI ROBOTICS has also launched a video titled 'Warehousing Evolution.' The video aims to present the pain points of warehousing and logistics in a humorous way while proposing ACR Systems to reduce costs, improve warehousing efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.

According to market research firm Technavio, Southeast Asia's e-commerce logistics industry is projected to grow by $58.93 billion from 2022-2026, with a CAGR of 20.16%. "Increasing online sales have been driving growth in warehouse logistics, with the region primed for the integration of tech-enabled logistical systems," said Will FAN, Sales Director of SEA, Middle East & Hong Kong, HAI ROBOTICS. "However, a lack of efficient systems brought on by high land prices, accelerating wages, and steep operational costs have brought a lot of challenges to logistics warehouses in the region." Will continued, "Intelligent transformation is becoming a necessity for reducing operating costs and improving efficiency."


Established in 2016, HAI ROBOTICS, the pioneer in Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) systems, provides efficient, intelligent, and flexible solutions for warehouses and factories. We aim to reduce our customer's storage footprint and operating costs, improve warehouse productivity and maximize workflow efficiencies with increased speed & order accuracy.

HAI ROBOTICS' solutions are helping warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing facilities advance their operations in over 30 countries and regions worldwide. 3PL, e-commerce, apparel, retail, grocery, automotive & manufacturing, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries are already turning to HAI ROBOTICS to enhance and accelerate their operations.