Hacking Group Anonymous Says Royal Family 'Murdered' Princess Diana; All Eyes on Harry Now?

The Anonymous hacking group alleged that Princess Diana was planning to expose some 'dark secrets' of the British royal family

Princes Diana

Even though Princess Diana was killed in a road accident on August 31, 1997, rumors regarding her mysterious death still continue grabbing headlines in international media outlets. Now, "Anonymous", a team of hackers, has sensationally claimed that the princess was actually murdered, and the road accident that resulted in her death was a manipulated plot.

Did Diana Try to Expose Dark Secrets of Royal Family?

According to a report published in the Peruvian newspaper Libero, the British royal family "murdered" Diana as the princess planned to unveil some "dark secrets" and "illicit deals". As per the report, the hacking group has several pieces of evidence that substantiate the fact that Diana was actually assassinated.

The report also alleged that the royal family had connections with a sex trafficking group, and Diana was on the verge of exposing the "secrets". As Princess Diana started working against the royal family, they decided to kill her, and the accident was actually a vicious plot, the report alleges.

Diana was an open critic of the royal family, and had on several occasions spoke against certain customs that prevailed among her family members. This outspoken nature of Diana had endeared her to the public.

Will Harry Face the Same Fate?

The claims made by "Anonymous" have gone viral in the online space, and people are urging the team to expose what they see as sinister details regarding the alleged murder of Princess Diana. Many netizens claim that the royal family has a legacy of killing people who work against them, and Diana was one among the many victims.

A section of conspiracy theorists has started claiming that Harry's life is also in danger, as he stepped back from the royal family and split time between the United Kingdom and North America after marrying Meghan Markle. Some claim that Harry might also face the same fate as his mother, because he might be also aware of "dark secrets". The British royal family has not officially reacted to the claims made by "Anonymous".