Hackers stole Israeli voters information; officials deny theft

Singapore universities cyber attack
cyber attack (Representational picture) Pixabay

A group of Israel based hackers claimed that just a few days prior to the parliamentary election, they conducted a cyber-attack into the database of Israeli voters. But the officials have dismissed the claims.

Israel's parliamentary election or Knesset election will take place on Tuesday, April 9. But, on Saturday, April 6 the hacking group claimed that they have stolen important information of on millions of Israelis as they successfully broke into the voter registry.

Later, the Central Elections Committee of Israel stated that they had no evidence of any cyber breach. As per a Hebrew-language daily newspaper, Hamodia, the authority has dismissed the hackers' claims and mentioned that the accessed data was from another data leak in 2006.

The report also added that there are thousands of hackers around the world and they aim regularly to attack Israel-based web sites.

In addition, the media report also stated that the attacks are apparently organised by international hacking group Anonymous.

Recent cyber attacks that emerged as a threat to the government and private organizations:

In February the Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the recent incident of the cyber attack on country's Parliament computer networks was carried out by a "sophisticated" hacking group, controlled by a foreign government.

A well-known research firm, Parliament Street issued a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to four famous tourist attraction infrastructure in London to uncover how secure their IT processors are. Their report showed that all those websites have faced a total of 109 million cyber-attacks over the past few years.

Recently, Secur Solutions Group, the vendor of Singapore's Health Sciences Authority, was accused of mishandling the data of more than 800000 blood donors in 2019 and in March the same group stated that the information, including names and NRIC numbers, went online was accessed illegally and probably extracted.