Gweneth Lee: California Woman Who Slept With Over 1000 Men Claims Married Men Are Best, Sept Is Busiest Time For Cheating

A woman who slept with over a thousand men claimed that married men are the best for affairs. Gweneth Lee, who is a serial mistress, married men are just better as they notice everything about their female partner, give proper attention to them and behave like mature people.

"Married men are just better. They notice when you've had a haircut, done your nails, or bought a pretty dress,"' she told The Sun Fabulous.

Gweneth Lee
Gweneth Lee Twitter

Gweneth Lee Have Bedded Over 1000 Men

The mistress claimed that she enjoys attention, therefore, she always chooses married men for affairs. Lee also doesn't want to be stuck with any of them permanently. "It's why I've had an astronomical number of lovers," she said.

Currently, she is engaged with film producers, finance guys and biohackers as they all want another woman. A survey has also found that September is the best time for affairs to start.

Gweneth Lee
Gweneth Lee Twitter

Men Asks For Pics on Christmas

In a previous interview, she claimed that her married husband comes to see her on Christmas. Her phone constantly buzzes on Christmas with messages from frustrated husbands.

"My men are highly frustrated and stuck at home with their wives who are no longer intimate with them so they'll message me constantly, sending me pictures and asking me for pictures," she told Fabulous Digital earlier.

September Is Month For Cheaters

A study of 2,000 people discovered that this month had even taken over January for starting a new affair, according to Illicit Encounters.

Gweneth Lee
Gweneth Lee Twitter

Lee, who has been married in the past, claimed that men get bored of their partners so they look for other people to enjoy.

Gweneth's Lovers Are Rich Who Buy Her Expensive Gifts, Cars

Her type of lovers are rich, intellectual and worldly who often buy her gifts as she has received expensive clothes, jewelry and recently one bought her a car, according to Daily Star.

However, she faces lots of criticism from women but she doesn't care and believes that having a monotonous lifestyle is intolerable. "Some women are angry with me, once a pregnant female heard I was seeing a married man and called me a homewrecker," she said.

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