Gunman Opens Fire at an Arizona Mall to 'Get Back to The Mean Society'

At Least 3 People Were Injured in the Shooting, With One in Critical Condition and the Other Two Having Non-Life Threatening Injuries

At least three people were injured after an AR-15 style rifle-wielding gunman opened fire at a mall near Phoenix, Arizona. According to the alleged gunman, who identified himself as Armando Junior Hernandez, he wanted to "get back to [the] mean society". He has been reportedly apprehended by the authorities.

US shooting
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The attack took place just before 7:25 pm at the Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale. The city is situated in Arizona's Maricopa County 15 km northwest of capital Phoenix. The incident left three people injured, with one being critically injured and the other two with non-life threatening injuries ABC News reported. The Glendale Police tweeted that one person was taken into custody.

Glendale Police Tweet

Arizona's state senator Martín Quezada witnessed the incident and tweeted that he "witnessed an armed terrorist with an AR-15 shoot up Westgate". According to him, there were "numerous victims". He saw at least two victims and the shooter but was told not to share further details until he speaks to the police.

Arizona shooting
Arizona shooting

Gunman Reveals the Intent of Crime

A video footage of the alleged gunman is being shared online in which he identifies himself as Armando Junior Hernandez. "I'm going to be the shooter of Westgate, 2020," he asserts, to "get back to the mean society".

The exact moment when he opened fire at the people was also filmed. People could be seen running and screaming while the gunshots could be heard. At the end part of the clip, a woman lying on the floor could be seen begging for her life. "Society is b*llsh*t. Society is f**king s**t," the gunman says. "You've got me dude," the woman says.

Arizona shooting

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey took to Twitter to comment about the incident. He offered support to the victims of the incident, the first responders and police officers present at the crime scene. He ensured that the state will provide full support to the victims and the community.

Arizona shooting