California: 5 Teenagers injured in Bakersfield Apartment Shooting

Shooter flees scene and remains unidentified

Gun shooting
Representational picture pixabay

Five teenagers were severely injured after an unidentified person fired inside an apartment at downtown Bakersfield in southern California.

Of the victims, three are 17 years old and two 18 years old. They have suffered moderate injuries and been admitted to a local hospital. By 11.30 am on Tuesday, all five victims were said to be in stable condition.

Bakersfield police officers received a complaint of multiple gun shots around 12.30 am on Monday. The shooter fled the place and remains unidentified. Police are investigating the matter but are yet to ascertain if all the victims are related to each other. So far there is no information on whether they were in the same apartment when the shooting took place. More details of the case are yet to be revealed.

Pickup Truck Driver Opens Fire in San Francisco

In another incident in San Francisco, a 36-year-old man was arrested on charges of firing a gun in the Pacific Heights neighborhood on Tuesday. Police have identified him as Tyler Gerow who was driving a pickup truck when he opened fire.

The incident occurred near Clay Street and Presidio Avenue on May 16. When police arrived at the spot they found spent shell casings. There were no reports of any injuries or any damage to property.

Police later located the pickup truck and tried to match the description of the driver. They later found the vehicle in the first block of Grand View Terrace, Dolores Heights neighborhood. The driver was arrested on charges of negligent discharge of a firearm and booked for carrying a concealed firearm. The police also seized the gun found inside the truck.

Shooting Suspect Arrested After Chase

In another incident, police had to chase a suspect who shot at a man inside an apartment at San Luis Obispo County. The victim was shot multiple times, but managed to escape with minor injuries.

By the time police arrived at the spot, the shooting suspect identified as John Salazar, 53, had already fled the scene. Police located him and after a chase in which even a helicopter was called in apart from multiple cars, Salazar was arrested after his vehicle rammed a car at Morro Bay.