Gummy to perform 'You Are My Everything' with Hwang Chi Yeol at 'I Am a Singer' tonight

'The two musicians' emotional voices highlighted the song and revealed its anticipations'

South Korean recording artist Park Ji Yeon, who shot to fame with her track "You Are My Everything" from the series' Descendent of the Sun, is all set for collaboration with VIBE's agency 'The Vibe Entertainment'.

In an official statement, the company stated that Park Ji Yeon, popularly known as Gummy, will be part of its seventh full-length album.

"Gummy will participate in VIBE's seventh album. Further collaboration lineup will be released from today in consecutive orders."

"The song that Gummy was featured is a ballad song and the two musicians' emotional voices highlighted the song and revealed its anticipations," the company added.

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old, who recently performed on JTBC's Sugar Man, is also teaming up with Korean musician and singer Hwang Chi Yeol for the final round of the Chinese version of "I Am a Singer" tonight.

Hwang Chi Yeol will perform a duet version of"You Are My Everything" in the finale, with herself as the songstress.

In an interview with Ilgan Sports, Chi Yeol stated: "I'm really nervous. I'm excited and happy to even be in the final round. 'Descendants of the Sun' is very popular in China, but I've tried hard to do justice to the show's soundtrack."

"We've met and practiced hard. We are a good fit. Since we're peers, we communicate well, and we also have a good musical synergy," the singer added.