Descendants of the Sun live at JTBC: Watch Gummy performing 'You Are My Everything'

Park Ji Yeon, aka Gummy. released her OST for the highly anticipated Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

The latest episode of JTBC's Sugar Man gave a pleasant surprise to the audience with the 'Showman' performing the soulful song from the popular Korean drama series Descendants of the Sun.

South Korean recording artist Park Ji Yeon, who garnered spotlight with her track "You Are My Everything" from the series' fourth episode, appeared on the television programme Two Yoo Project - Sugar Man as a star singer.

The 34-year-old, who is better known as Gummy, gave a guest appearance at the show to re-energize ' Loveholic' song.

After a while, with so many requests from the MCs and judges, Gummy finally performed her top rated song from the series live, mesmerising the audience with her eloquent expression.

Gummy released her OST for the highly anticipated Korean drama Descendants of the Sun, starring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo on March 10, 2016. According to Wiki, as Part 4 of the television series soundtrack, "You are My Everything" topped iTunes K-pop charts in Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and Taiwan and as well as in the US and Vietnam.

Two Yoo Project is a unique music programme which recreates the song of lost artist who was a one-hit wonder, but has since disappeared from the public eye, with the help of a popular singer termed as ' Showman'. The programme is broadcast every Tuesday at 22:50 KST on JTBC.

Watch Gummy performing "You Are My Everything" on the 24th episode of Two Yoo Project: