GTA Online Open Wheel Racing: Everything you need to know

Rockstar defines the car as, "Never choose between the poise of a ballet dancer and the aggression of a frenzied gorilla"

To continue its reign over the online gaming market, Rockstar Games has introduced a full-fledged online racing event into the world of GTA. As expected, the all-new game comes with a lot of features to offer top-notch experience in a GTA-exclusive fashion. The feature is now available for involvement in Grand Theft Auto 5's online mode. Even if you've already tested your driving skills through the mode for a while, here's a go-to guide to sway the land of GTA Online.

Cars for the badlands

The Open Wheel Racing would offer two new cars for the legendary racing world of Los Santos. Both the vehicles, called PR4 and R88, would provide top acceleration, traction and speed to enjoy the thrill. The Redwood endorsed Progen PR4 looks quite like Ayrton Senna's McLaren MP4/6 straight from 1991, except for the legendary Marlboro logo on it.

The Ocelot R88, on the other hand, looks similar to the iconic Lotus 79. Rockstar defines the car as, "Never choose between the poise of a ballet dancer and the aggression of a frenzied gorilla."

GTA Online New Vehicles
Two new cars introduced in GTA 5 Online screegrab/IBTimes

Cool customising chops
You can customise your cars before throttling down the streets of Los Santos. You can upgrade your vehicles' engines, tyres, brakes and front and rear wings to give a complete makeover to your cars. You can also change the exterior paint and make it your own. The custom shop offers many customisation packages.

You can also use a rechargeable speed boost mode dubbed Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

All new tracks

Unlike other racing games, GTA Open Wheel Racing introduces seven iconic street tracks. But all the tracks keep the required hairpin bends retaining the feel of GTA Online. The tracks include tiny details for offering a life-like experience.

According to reports, the new mode is very unlike the other modes. It requires speed and control over your vehicle with a dash of patience, as you won't be able to stay on track for around 20 minutes of race time unless you have the skills and guts to do it. So hold your breath and take control of your expertise to slay your competitors.

GTA Online
New cars in GTA Online sureegrab/IBTimes