GTA Online Christmas DLC 2016: Top 10 features from fan wishlist revealed

Check out top 10 fan-proposed features for upcoming Festive Surprise aka Christmas DLC in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: Christmas DLC
GTA Online Festive Surprise aka Christmas DLC 2016: Top 10 features from fan wishlist revealed GTA 5 Cheats

GTA Online community is abuzz with news of top 10 feature wishlist for the upcoming Christmas DLC while renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) sheds more light on the highly-anticipated gameplay features and content for the next update in reference to the latest fan wishlist.

IBTimes SG explores a few of those highly-desirable features from the latest fan wishlist posted on Twitter:

  • Right up on the fan wishlist is any holiday-themed vehicle that comes with X-Mas lights and snow effects like a snowmobile.
  • Although GTA 5 has featured some Christmas DLC vehicles like the Slamvan, Tampa, and the Dinka Jester, they do not really fit the Holiday theme like the spooky vehicles of the Halloween update.
  • The seventh garage is also high on the DLC wishlist as fans are wary of expanding their fleet of vehicles in GTA Online, owing to serious space constraints.
  • With the Festive Surprise DLC or Christmas update expected to feature a decent number of new vehicles, it is imperative to either sell off your old cars or acquire a new garage in order to accommodate the latest DLC vehicles.
  • Bonus rewards and limited-edition clothing like pyjamas and Christmas-themed T-shirts for every player who has logged into the Rockstar servers, during the holiday week running into Christmas Day.
  • Alternatively, Rockstar could impose a limit on gift-oriented money transactions wherein close buddies could send in-game cash to one another up to a maximum of $10,000.
  • Christmas or holiday-styled customisations for vehicles in GTA Online are also on the cards, wherein avid car and bike modders could explore new ways of customising their ride with Christmas-themed liveries.
  • Next up on the wishlist is a dynamic game world with snow effects in Los Santos for a couple of days and the addition of a giant Christmas tree in Downtown, Los Santos.
  • Vehicles and buildings covered in snow will bring more realistic experience to the gamer when the Christmas update finally comes out in GTA Online.
  • All big billboards and signboards across Vinewood Hills and Maze Bank building would stand out, if they can be decorated with X-mas lights.
  • Such a move would lit-up the city and help change the ambience of the game world. For instance, the Northern lights in Paleto Bay could be seen in its full glory during the X-mas holidays.
  • The addition of Santa's sleigh Easter-egg on the eve of Christmas Day is another top feature on the fans' hitlist for the forthcoming Festive Surprise DLC.
  • Fan wishlist also includes rare-crate drops comprising of surprise weapons, small ammo and money bags, and other gift items to be thrown down by the Santa on the eve of Christmas as well as on the X-mas Day.
  • North Yankton still looks broken and incomplete while avid GTA fans are eager to explore this forbidden territory at least on the eve of Christmas or on the X_mas Day by flight.
  • Next up on the list, we have the apartment interior-decoration features wherein one can upgrade some decorative lamps and Christmas-themed furniture to enhance the ambience of the rooms through the holiday season.
  • As Ross explains, frozen lakes and water-bodies in Los Santos would add some sense to the in-game ambience, especially when there is snowfall during the holiday week.
  • Finally, it would be a great addition to the game if we get a holiday-themed radio station with a set of new tracks to celebrate the occasion in style. However, this would require Rockstar to secure fresh license from album artists and pay up the royalty fees as applicable, which seems very unlikely at the moment.

Do let us know in the comments section below, if you think we missed something and it could be added to Rockstar's checklist for the forthcoming Festive Surprise aka Christmas DLC 2016.