GTA 6 release date: Will it miss PS5?

Rumours elevated about GTA 6 launch and some of them claimed it will release after the launch of another highly anticipated title Red Dead Redemption 2

While the gaming world, especially the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans are waiting for the sixth sequel of the popular gaming series, it seems that the fans will have to wait a little bit longer, maybe till 2021 fall.

Earlier some of the fans thought that GTA 6 will release after Rockstar Studios launches another highly anticipated title Red Dead Redemption 2.


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Some of the rumours also mentioned that Rockstar might be working on an entirely new game that is unrelated to the GTA franchise and that is the reason behind the delay of GTA 6.

There are some reports which also mentioned that Sony has purchased entirely the rights of GTA 6, which means it would be a PS5 exclusive. If this rumour is true that means, along with PS5 which have a confirmed release date around the Holiday season of 2020, GTA 6 will be available to the gamers.

Now as per some rumours that have surfaced online recently, the next edition will launch in fall of 2021 which means it will miss Sony's new PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's new Xbox Series X consoles. It should be noted that both the gaming consoles will be launched in late 2020. As per another rumour, Microsoft will price its new Xbox Series X console at $499, while Sony is set to launch PS5 at $499.

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2021 release

A twitter user PSErebus posted on December 23 that "Grand Theft Auto VI from developer Rockstar Games is currently scheduled to be released in Fall 2021."

However, if GTA 6 releases after the launch of PS5 and latest Xbox series, then also it should not affect the franchise, as it'll sell 10s of millions of copies no matter what. Another factor which people are waiting for is to compare the console versions of GTA 6 with its PC version.

This article was first published on December 26, 2019