GTA 6: Did Rockstar Games tease the official release date in GTA Online?

GTA 6 fans have come across a photo in "GTA V Online's" latest Diamond Casino Heist DLC that appears to reveal the upcoming game's official announcement date

The rumour mill has been churning out reports about the release of Rockstar Games' GTA 6 for quite some time now, most of it being unsubstantiated hearsay. Fans have been anxiously waiting for an official announcement from Rockstar and many expected the confirmation to come at the recent Game Awards but that didn't happen either.

Now, it seems like we might finally have some concrete evidence in connection to the follow-up to 2013's open-world extravaganza "Grand Theft Auto V."

Fans believe they may have stumbled upon a potential announcement date for GTA 6, hiding in GTA Online after the latest Diamond Casino Heist update. The casino in the new update, which arrived on December 12, has got some gamers thinking if it is a hint to the official announcement date of the sixth instalment in the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise.

Casino photo reveals official date

GTA Diamond Casino Heist
GTA Diamond Casino Heist Rockstar Games

Reddit user "TheFirmWare", shared a post on Saturday, building on another fan's theory about Rockstar's odd design choice in the latest update. The post refers to a photo shared by another Reddit user of the casino, revealing the word "SERVICE" split up into "SER" on top and "VICE" on the bottom on the right wall.

The image has sparked speculation that there is a hidden agenda behind it as Rockstar could've easily changed the font size to fit the whole word together. On the left wall, we see "DIAMOND" written on top and "510" on the bottom and if we combine both bottom portions together, we get "510 VICE." The word "Vice" could also be a direct reference to Vice City, which is the reported location for GTA 6.

While this could also mean we're 510 days away from game's announcement or release date, one user pointed out in the comments that Madam Nazar, the fortune teller from "Red Dead Redemption" added to "GTA V Online" in the latest update, was heard saying, "I see numbers, 5, 1, 0, 2, 0." If you combine both clues, it gives us the date 5/10/2020 or 5th October 2020.

Previous Rockstar announcement and trailer reveal dates

GTA 5 Online: Tiny Cars update
GTA 5 Online: Happy 4/20 Weed update, new DLC content and secret bonuses revealed Rockstar Games

This is in line with Rockstar's previous announcement dates or trailer reveals. The "GTA V" trailer 1 dropped on 2/11/2011 and the game's second trailer arrived on 14/11/2012. The "Red Dead Redemption 2" trailer 1 released on 20/10/2016 and the second trailer followed on 28/09/2017.

This suggests that all of Rockstar's trailers have been released in Q4 of the year, which correlates with the 5/10/2020 date. With "GTA V" Rockstar first announced the game by updating their page with a logo reveal on October 25, 2011, before giving us a date for the first trailer so it's possible that Rockstar would follow the same format with "GTA 6."