GTA 6 announcement trailer ft. The Weeknd' dropped? Millions of fans disappointed

Fans of the Rockstar franchise were crushed after a trailer for "GTA 6" featuring the Weeknd emerged on social media but turned out to be a fake

The rumour mill has been churning out reports about the release of GTA 6 for quite some time now, despite little word from its makers Rockstar. Although most of it has been nothing more than unsubstantiated hearsay, the chatter has not stopped and anticipation has never been higher as fans wait for an official announcement from the developer.

Fake Twitch livestream

The fans' excitement is understandable. After all, it has been seven years since the last Grand Theft Auto video game. So, when so when a livestream titled GTAVI with a countdown and logo appeared on Twitch, gamers chomped on it hard.

Fans started circulating the stream on social media assuming that Rockstar is finally going to announce the upcoming title or drop some information about the game when the clock runs out.

Grand Theft Auto 6
Twitch / GTAVI

The creators did put in a considerable amount of effort to make the stream look legitimate."Welcome to our official Grand Theft Auto VI Twitch Channel," the description read, "throughout the next coming days we'll be broadcasting announcements and sneak peeks live through the power of Twitch!"

However, some spelling errors and the lack of a verified badge on the channel later confirmed that it was a fake account. Moreover, the countdown ended on April 1 – also known as April Fools Day, crushing the fans' excitement.

GTA 6 Trailer ft. The Weeknd

The dejected GTA fans received another glimmer of hope later in the day when an apparent GTA 6 trailer started doing the rounds on social media. The clip went viral after YouTuber "TroyDan" tweeted about it on his profile with the caption, "YOOO GTA 6 IS COMING!"

The trailer featured the hit single "Blinding Lights" by The Weekend, which was originally released in November and has been picked by many GTA fans as their choice of soundtrack for the next instalment in the open-world franchise.

Fake stream

However, the announcement trailer was later revealed to be linked to the fake Twitch stream as it featured the broadcast at the beginning, including the same logo and artwork. This is just one of the examples of how far pranksters are willing to go to sell their hoax.