GTA 5 Online: Tuners and Outlaws DLC concept with 'Maibatsu Revolution SG RX widebody' car explained

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals fresh widebody customisation options for Maibatsu Revolution SG RX in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: Tuners and Outlaws DLC concept
Tuners and Outlaws DLC concept with 'Maibatsu Revolution SG RX widebody' car explained

Prolific GTA modder and tipster 'GTAWiseGuy' has recently showcased a bunch of new custom widebody vehicles for the highly-rumoured Tuners and Outlaws update in his latest DLC concept video for GTA Online. Meanwhile, renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross explains the various customisable features along with the performance upgrades for each of these proposed DLC vehicles in the game.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Ross had showcased GTAWiseGuy's Ruff-Weld Widebody Comet and the Maibatsu Revolution (regular version) in his personal gameplay video for GTA Online. It is reported that GTAWiseGuy had created each of these custom cars using some of his own mods for GTA 5.

The latest addition to this list includes the Maibatsu Fukaru and a new variant of the Maibatsu Revolution known as the 'Maibatsu SG RX' (widebody version) with brand new customisation options.

As Ross explains, the widebody version of the Maibatsu Revolution comes with custom created interiors and exteriors, which we have never seen before in GTA 5.

Furthermore, the Youtuber takes each of these custom cars to the Los Santos Customs (LSC) shop to reveal more customisable options including performance parts, interior and exterior upgrades.

As you can notice in Ross' latest gameplay video below, there are up to 19 customisable options for the widebody variant of Maibatsu Revolution including armour, brakes, bumpers (stock and custom splitters with intercoolers), engine, exhaust, hood (stock and custom carbon), Xenon lights, roll cage and chassis upgrade (adds racing seats and front custom license plates), roof upgrade (sunstrip), custom skirts and spoilers (low level, high level and GT Wing).

For instance, you can upgrade the Maibatsu widebody custom car with Fukaru logo to give it some stunning looks.

Among performance upgrades, you can modify the suspension and transmission, and also equip the turbo upgrade. In addition, you might consider the window, wheels and respray options to suit your taste.

As Ross admits, the Tuners and Outlaws is the best concept DLC out there in the game. We could just hope that Rockstar Games would do justice by unlocking these highly-customisable cars in GTA Online.

As you can notice in the video, these modded cars portray the finest details such as the nitrous cylinder placed right in between the driver and passenger seat in front, the neatly-placed engine parts under the hood, and the air suspension at the car's back.

Interested users can go ahead and show their support for Tuners and Outlaws DLC by signing the petition here.