GTA 5 Online: Secret sewer-monster-hunting mystery debunked

YouTuber MrBossFTW debunks the myth behind sewer-monster-hunting tales in the game.

GTA 5 Online: Sewer monster mystery debunked
GTA 5 Online: Secret sewer-monster-hunting mystery debunked YouTube

The GTA community is abuzz with insane rumours of some players blowing up dams with nuclear explosives aka nukes and hearing strange noises from the Mount Chiliad tunnels in GTA Online. The latest buzz in the game pertains to the sewer-monster-hunting mystery wherein prolific YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross uncovers the truth behind the speculation.

Recent findings about a possible Ratman in GTA 5 suggest that something mysterious could be going on inside the isolated sewer tunnels in Mt. Chiliad. Nevertheless, Ross debunks the myth behind the shocking revelations of the sewer-tunnel monster in the game.

As Ross explains, he clearly spent an hour recording the gameplay inside the sewer tunnels in GTA 5 and heard some weird yet mysterious sounds while exploring them. You are advised to wear some professional headsets with surround sound enabled, if you intend to personally experience the eerie nature of these tunnels.

Ross also clarifies that he explored the mysterious tunnels on the PC version of the game and hence it was easier for him to complete the task with greater ease.

First one of them sounded like a rhythmic heart-beat, as if a living-monster is moving around your location. However, the heart beat itself was found to be irregular and hence it could be something other than a creature or a living thing.

Ross hints that the rhythmic heart-beat sound could be related to the metro-train running just over the tunnel's roof with its clamped hook on the hanging rails. As with most sewers, it is only natural that you could be hearing echoes or some strange sounds due to the hollow materials used in the construction of these underground tunnels.

Ross also confirms that the sewer tunnel consists of a couple of barricaded cells or side outlets, which are absolutely inaccessible even with no clipping or Ghost Mode turned on. However, the YouTuber admits that he could hear someone stepping into a puddle of water, whenever he went near one of the barricaded drain-outlets.

The YouTuber further clarifies that the splashing sound of water could not have been caused by some rat or mice inside the sewers as they don't make such loud and distinct noises while moving.

According to Ross, a very creepy growling noise can be heard at some specific portions of the tunnel with bigger set of bars. He further ascertains that it is indeed the growling noise of the beast from the Free Mode event.

Furthermore, it is reported that the Bigfoot from the Free Mode events will often enter the sewers as it's the best hideout place for the beast in the game.