GTA 5 Online: New secret details found for most-expensive upcoming update of all time

YouTuber MrBossFTW sheds some light on the secret and hidden details for the most-expensive upcoming update in GTA Online.

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GTA 5 Online: New secret details found for most-expensive upcoming update of all time

Avid GTA fans are in for some good news as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals some freshly unearthed secrets and hidden details found in GTA 5 files for the forthcoming update in GTA Online. The upcoming DLC is touted to be the most-expensive among all the DLCs released till date in Rockstar's popular action-RPG game series.

As Ross explains, the first bit of information pertaining to the forthcoming DLC comes from the prolific GTA tipster, Funmw2, who has recently posted the details on GTA forums.

According to Funmw2, there are a bunch of timed aka freemode events in the game, which were held back by Rockstar while releasing the Bikers DLC in GTA Online. To be precise, there are at least four more freemode events that are in the pipeline and likely to be released with the forthcoming title updates in the game (preferably with the import/export DLC).

The four events that are highly-anticipated to release with the next DLC are as follows:

  • Biker_bad_deal
  • Biker_initiation
  • Biker_joust
  • Biker_rescue_contact

It is clearly evident that Rockstar has chosen to push back the release of these Biker update related freemode events at a later date for some reason. This could actually mean that the upcoming DLC will be connected to the gameplay elements which are already seen in the Bikers update.

Addressing a recent fan query on GTA Forums, Funmw2 has clarified that there will not be any Bikers (Part 2) in the game and instead Rockstar is likely to add new standalone freemode events into the game.

Although Rockstar had originally planned inclusion of the four events as part of the Bikers' MC missions, it is now being speculated to be offered as freemode events with the forthcoming update.

It is, however, still unclear if Rockstar intends to use the four biker scripts that were unearthed in the hidden Bikers DLC files, as Funmw2 has later concluded in his post on GTA Forums that these scripts are no way related to the upcoming freemode events.

A similar feat has happened with the widely speculated Call of Duty-style Adversary mode called 'Kill Quota', which was expected to be released with the Bikers update. It now seems that the Adversary mode will come out with High-Risk High-Rewards DLC or the import/export DLC in GTA Online.

It is further speculated that these freemode events will be business- themed or vehicle-themed with its gameplay revolving around the import/export business in the game.

In related news, opted-in members of Rockstar Social Club now stand a chance to earn special Shark Card bonuses and rewards for GTA Online on PS4. For instance, you can earn 50% bonus cash ($4,000,000) on purchasing the Megalodon Shark Card for a total in-game cash of $12,000,000 ($12m) between now and 23 November.

You can also avail exclusive discounts on big GTA Online items such as the Karin Technical (50% off) and Savage gunship helicopter (50% off), when you buy any of these Shark Cards.

With so much free money being offered by the game maker, we can rest assured that the most-expensive DLC of the game is right around the corner.

According to GTA Expert who is another prolific GTA tipster, the army-style camos skins for weapons are on the cards with the highly-cited Army DLC for GTA 5. It is anybody's guess that the Army DLC is part of Rockstar's cut content, which may be introduced into the game anytime during one of the forthcoming DLC releases for GTA Online.

The white Titan plane and the ATVs could indeed become part of GTA Online with the release of cut content from Army DLC into the game.