GTA 5 Online: New Gunrunning Military DLC bunker bases and arms-trading wars confirmed

Fresh details pertaining to Gunrunning Military DLC has surfaced online via GTA forums.

GTA 5 Online: Army DLC aka Gunrunning Military DLC
GTA 5 Online: New Army DLC aka Gunrunning Military DLC bunker bases and arms-trading wars confirmed

Avid GTA 5 gamers are in for some great news as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has shed more light on the gameplay content of upcoming Gunrunning Military DLC as well as the hidden details of the ongoing 'Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicles Circuit' DLC, in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

Meanwhile, prolific tipster Funmw2 aka Fun De Panda has revealed in his recent post on GTA forums that a new blip called 'radar_property_bunker' has been added to the map with the release of latest Cunning Stunts update in GTA Online.

In his follow-up post, the tipster corrects his earlier claim saying that he actually found two blips instead of one, wherein the second blip points to 'radar_supplies'. It is also learnt from the hidden DLC source code in GTA 5 that Rockstar Games has not yet written any descriptive in-game text for these blips and thereby indicating that it would be part of the forthcoming Gunrunning Military update.

Pointing out his earlier video pertaining to bunkers in GTA 5, Ross reiterates that some of those possible bunker locations for upcoming DLC include Fort Zancudo, Los Santos Airport Hangars and a few underground locations.

Funmw2 aka Fun De Panda via GTA forums
Funmw2 reveals fresh details on the forthcoming Gunrunning Military DLC in GTA Online GTA forums

A couple of fresh images posted by Funmw2 on GTA forums further strengthens this claim as you can clearly see some figure of ammunition and an airport hangar shown together side-by-side. As Ross sums up, all the imposing industrial-style structures would stand a great chance to serve up as bunkers for Gunrunning Military DLC in GTA 5.

In its recent Newswire post, Rockstar Games had clearly implied that the forthcoming Gunrunning update would be "featuring brand new weaponised vehicles and exciting new missions", besides offering the ability to "fight for supremacy in the illegal arms trade and wage war with the latest in high-powered military vehicles."

In other words, the 'radar_supplies' blip could actually be referring to the illegal arms trade, wherein players would be required to complete special missions in acquiring and using them, before selling them off at the designated location to one of your clients. The strategy is quite similar to the Import/Export DLC wherein you need to first customise your rig or ride and then you drive it to the designated location to complete the sale mission.

Coming back to the hidden DLC content for the Cunning Stunts update, there are three more vehicles (Infernus, Turismo and Hijack Ruston) and two new adversary modes (Resurrection and Top Down) that are yet to be released in the game.

Meanwhile, another prolific tipster Yan2295 has found some interesting text strings that relate to these adversary modes wherein the first one refers to Top Down view through the camera that can be zoomed in or out depending on the situation. However, it is still unclear if the new Adversary mode will continue using the same camera view as seen in the Deadline mode.

The forthcoming update might also feature some creator content including features like Ambient Pedestrians, besides the ability to prevent random NPC pedestrians from spawning.

As far as the Resurrection Adversary mode is concerned, it will feature the ability to resurrect a fallen player only after the enemies nearby him/her are taken out. Also, players gain one point for killing each enemy on their radar.

Furthermore, Funmw2 explains that if players fall too far behind they will explode and be eliminated. You will gain a point if you happen to be the last racer alive.

GTA 5 Online: Gunrunning Military DLC aka Army update

Data miners and tipsters have also pulled up the likely release dates for all the forthcoming DLC updates in the game. It is ascertained that Rockstar will be rolling out one DLC each in June, July, August and December (later this year), as depicted in the leaked game files.

If there is any truth to the leaked DLC release info, we could see the Gunrunning Update coming out sometime in May or June, which is in line with earlier DLC releases like Ill-Gotten Gains and Finance and Felony DLC wherein the former released in June 2015 while the latter in June 2016.

In addition, Rockstar reportedly has plans for the third Adversary mode which seems to be a combination of Vehicle Vendetta and Powerplay DLCs.

Ross also points to a couple of icons and a leaked game code highlighting the special vehicle races in Powerplay style that reads 'power_play_special_races.ytd'. One of those icons represents a buggy while the other stands for Ruiner 2000 and the third one depicts a couple of ammo rounds.

It is evident that all three icons are meant to be power-ups in the game that you can pick up during special vehicle races in GTA Online. Some of the noteworthy pickups available for the upcoming vehicle vendetta/power play adversary mode with special vehicles are as shown in the screenshot (below):

Avid car modders and collectors are in for some exciting news as Rockstar has confirmed the return of several single-player DLC vehicles in GTA Online that were exclusively meant for returning players from last-gen to current-gen gaming platforms. Here is the confirmed list of a few of those returning vehicles to GTA Online:

  • The pick-up truck aka Marshall
  • The Ballistic Compact
  • The Kraken Submarine
  • Imponte Dukes (regular)
  • DoDo Seaplane
  • Regular Stallion
  • Duke O' Death