GTA 5 Online: New Cunning Stunts update (part 2) hidden features, Progen GP1 supercar secret details revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals some secret features pertaining to the new Cunning Stunts update (part 2) in his latest gameplay video.

GTA 5 Online: Cunning Stunts DLC (part 2)
GTA 5 Online: New Cunning Stunts update (part 2) hidden features, Progen GP1 supercar secret details revealed

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has shared the complete breakdown of all the hidden and secret features from Rockstar Games's recently announced GTA Online update as revealed in several teaser screenshots on Newswire. Unlike the regular Tunables update, the latest DLC 'Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit' is a downloadable update, which requires GTA 5 gamers to manually initiate the download on their consoles and PCs.

With the new DLC, Rockstar has added 20 new stunt races to the game which would barely require you around an hour and a half of gameplay time to complete.

The first screenshot teased by Rockstar suggests that you will be driving the Ruiner 2000 in a high-speed Stunt Race known as 'Damned'. However, it is not yet clear if it is named after the Los Santos dam or if it is somehow related to the 'Lost and the Damned' Motorcycle Club in GTA 4.

One closer look at the first gameplay screenshot (above) for the upcoming DLC suggests that it is a tubed tunnel mirroring the matrix-style design elements and a couple of new speed-booster props in yellow and green.

It is also evident from the screenshot that we will be mostly riding the stock variants of Ruiner 2000 and Rocket Voltic stunt cars. It is still unclear if Rockstar will allow us to bring in custom variants of these special vehicles in the circuit races.

Furthermore, the stock variant of Ruiner 2000 will not have access to missile launchers as the slots appear to be blocked (as depicted in the screenshot). It could also mean that we'll not be able to use missiles or guns when we are driving the Ruiner 2000 in Passive mode.

As Ross explains, the Ruiner 2000's abilities to fire missiles and gun shots could turn any racing event into a team deathmatch and thereby rob the gamers of the real thrill that's synonymous of any high-speed racing event. Consequently, Rockstar might chose to turn off these weapons during all racing events.

According to Rockstar's announcement on Newswire, you will only be able to "speed through the tunnels" and "parachute to the finish", but there is no mention of blasting your way through the course with guns and missile launchers.

One of the female characters in the screenshot is seen with no headlights glowing on her car. It's not clear if this is some bug or a design error gone unnoticed.

As far as costumes and accessories are concerned, there does not seem to be any new additions to this DLC as all the items seem to be inherited from the first instalment of Cunning Stunts update.

As Rockstar suggests in its recent Newswire post, there is every possibility that we might see a bunch of new classically-styled supercars and Sportscars along with the Progen GP1 which will make its debut on 14 March in GTA Online.

There are two confirmed Adversary modes and two confirmed classic cars including the Turismo Classic and Infernus Classic coming to the second instalment of Cunning Stunts update in GTA Online. So, it is almost certain that Rockstar will be rolling out new classic cars in instalments such as one new car and one new Adversary mode each week until the next Tunables update comes out.

GTA 5 Online: Progen GP1 supercar

A closer look at the teaser image (above) of Progen GP1 confirms that it is not a three-seater car and the driver will be sitting on the left side and not at the centre as speculated earlier. So, it will be a traditional two-seater supercar and it seems the interiors of the car including the seats can be custom colourised, based on individual taste.

One cannot really miss the imposing butterfly-styled doors on the Progen GP1, which is clearly reminiscent of the real-life McLaren F1. Other customisable options include giant vents and tiny hood pins, a toe hook and customisable bumpers.

You can also notice the custom carbon-fibre spoiler (as in the Vaca) at the back and since the car will be primarily sold on the in-game Legendary Motorsport website, there is no possibility of finding it or customising it at the Benny's Motorworks. Instead, you will need to take it to the LSC shop for customisation.