GTA 5 Online: How to become a millionaire with Deadline DLC, secret bonuses and discounts

YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals fresh money-making guide with Biker Businesses and DLC content in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: Deadline Adversary mode
GTA 5 Online: How to become a millionaire with Deadline DLC, secret bonuses and discounts Rockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals three biggest opportunities that could enable GTA Online gamers to become millionaires or multi-millionaires in the game. The best method to earn big in GTA$ and reputation points (RP) is through the ongoing Deadline DLC-playlist event, which will fetch you double GTA$ and RP all the way up to 21 November.

In other words, you will get to make quick in-game money and level-up faster for another two weeks, before Rockstar takes away the special event bonuses out of the game.

As Ross explains, unlike the Angels vs Devils Adversary mode, the Deadline DLC brings far more superior features to the table. You will get to unlock the Shotaro bike exclusively with the Deadline DLC in GTA Online.

The catch here is that you get paid based on how long you are in the game and how well you performed in contrast with other players.

According to recent player responses on Twitter, one could easily make around 210K to 300K in GTA$ just by investing around 20 minutes of your gameplay time in GTA Online's Deadline Adversary mode.

With the Deadline mode holding the key to unlock the Shotaro bike as well as the new TRON outfit, several players would just be focusing on completing a single round match without thinking about actually winning the game. So, it is your best bet to capitalise on such situations and make the most of it, especially when you spot some lower-level players hopping into the lobby.

As each session in Deadline will be locked to a maximum of four players, you will have the benefit of dominating the challenge as more players will often bring more complexity into such game modes. With fewer players on the map, you can easily take them out one by one as planning your strategy becomes a cake walk.

For the beginners, here are a few strategic moves for the Deadline mode as explained by Ross:

First Strategy: Defend early but attack late

  • Keep your patience and wait for your opponent to charge at you and then block him off with your trail of light. You can watch him burn as you let him cross your line of blazing trail.
  • Tip #1: The trick here is to adjust your acceleration and braking depending on the distance between you and your rival's bike.
  • Tip #2: Wait for other three players to cancel out each other and lose their lives. So, you will have more lives left towards the later stages of the game when you can really go on the offensive and perform a series of hyper-kills with gay abandon.

Second Strategy: Grab all the powerups early

  • There are three powerups in the Deadline mode which can give you the competitive edge over your rivals. So, it is imperative that you start hoarding them early into the game.
  • You need to start accumulating the Boost, Zone and Hop powerups early in the game. The catch here is to snatch the first Boost powerup and then use it quickly, before you can grab the second Boost power-up.
  • Tip #4: Ensure that no one else gets to collect any of the two Boost powerups. So, you will always hold the edge in terms of quickly accelerating your bike to get away from a trail or even block a rival who comes charging at you.

Boost to biker businesses

This is one of the most overlooked features in the game as it brings a massive 25% discount to your business supplies and resupplies along with extra 50% GTA$ and double RP bonuses from Biker Business sales.

In other words, Bikers may opt to sell their stocks and supplies outside their local market to get nearly 50% more through sales. For instance, an individual can sell the stocks of his cocaine business in Los Santos for a paltry $420,000 while he stands a chance of earning around $630,000 to $700,000 in GTA currency if he sells the same in Blaine County.

In addition, if the sales are done when you are in a public lobby then you will be entitled to additional bonus, which can take your net earnings from a single cocaine sale from $700,000 to $800,000.

All Biker Businesses are now discounted as depicted in the screenshot (below):

GTA Online: Discounted Biker Businesses
Discounted Biker Businesses in GTA Online YouTube

Check out the miscellaneous discounts on other Biker Businesses in GTA Online as shown in the screenshot below:

GTA Online: Biker Business Misc discounts
Biker Business Misc. discounts in GTA Online YouTube

Here are the upgrade discounts for every single base in the GTA Online:

GTA Online: Biker Business upgrade discounts
Biker Business upgrade discounts in GTA Online YouTube