GTA 5 Online: New evidence in DLC game files hints at 'Finance and Felony - Part 2'

Prolific GTA tipster Funmw2 reveals fresh evidence pointing to second instalment of Finance and Felony DLC.

Avid GTA Online gamers are in for some exciting news as new evidence has emerged in GTA 5 game files suggesting that the second installment of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC is on the cards. Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross sheds more light on the possibility of Rockstar releasing another installment of Finance and Felony DLC, based on a couple of strong reasons.

The success of Executives and Other Criminals DLC as well as the big boost with Shark Card sales after the Finance and Felony DLC could be the primary reason why the game maker could opt for a second iteration of the new DLC.

Meanwhile, the prolific GTA tipster Funmw2 (aka Fun De Banana or TezFunz2) has recently tweeted that he found some files pertaining to GTA 5 tunables wherein the codename for the first iteration of Finance and Felony DLC was written as "EXEC1." This leads to speculation that if EXEC1 represented the first part of the DLC then there could be another part coming up for the same DLC.

Traditionally, Rockstar has been giving nick-names or codenames to denote the specific DLC files in the game for GTA 5 or GTA Online such as mp_lowrider, mp_hipster, mp_heist, mp_halloween, mp_christmas1 and mp_christmas2, mp_business1 and mp_business2.

Funmw2 has further elaborated on the details of the 'Finance and Felony DLC - part 2' in his recent post on the GTA forums. Here is what the prolific tipster wrote:

Well, in the files and in tunables it mention this update as EXEC1. 'ENABLEEXEC1_LAUNCH' value in tunables is set to true. Why call it 'EXEC1'? Is it Part 1? Is there Part 2 coming in the future? Who knows.

Ross adds that the leaked DLC game files also suggest that more content is coming to GTA Online which will further extend the gameplay features of Finance and Felony DLC in the game. The recently found evidence of two new supercars (Grotti X80 Proto and Pfister 811) and the sports car (Dewbauchee Seven-70) in the DLC game files further strengthens this claim.

It is still unclear if these hidden DLC cars would come out with the Cunning Stunts update or if it would feature in the second part of Finance and Felony DLC in GTA Online.

In related news, Ross also mentions about some freshly leaked DLC code pertaining to executive prizes in GTA Online. This information is credited to a veteran GTA gamer 'CrewBoss' who has hinted that it could be some kind of T-shirts as they depict a bunch of logos like 'Don't Cross the Line'.

Ross highlights the point that 'Don't Cross the Line' has already been unlocked in the game and it is confirmed to be a T-shirt.

If you are still sceptical, check out the various T-shirt logos unearthed by veteran GTA gamer 'CrewBoss' via GTA Online game files, in Ross' latest gameplay video below: