GTA 5 Online: 8 CEO functions and features coming in 'Finance and Felony' DLC

Rockstar announces Finance and Felony DLC release for 7 June as YouTuber MrBossFTW reveals eight new CEO functions in GTA Online.

The highly-anticipated release of Finance and Felony DLC for GTA Online is just around the corner while renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross reveals eight new CEO functions and features that will be featured as part of the upcoming GTA 5 update.

Just a couple of months ago, the prolific GTA 5 tipster Funmw2 had shared around eight lines of code pertaining to the forthcoming DLC as seen in the screenshot below.

One glance at the code suggests that the DLC features eight different operational functions namely head, buy, sell, def, air, cash, sal and fra. Although the earlier leak didn't give us the exact clue about what these functions were meant for, it is now evident that they have something to do with the CEO functionality and features in the new DLC.

In a recent post on Newswire, Rockstar showed some exclusive screenshot depicting three bodyguards who have been assigned the task of recovering special cargo in Buy missions arranged by the CEO in the upcoming Finance and Felony DLC.

As Ross notes in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online, the Buy missions could be related to some purchases you make in the game such as planes, narcotics or jewellery. The mission could require you to kill the FBI agents and return the package to a pre-designated location suggested by your criminal agency.

As far as the leaked codes in the screenshot (above) suggest, it could be the quick commands given by the CEO to his associates such as buying or selling a package via D-pad or a keyboard.

This belief is further strengthened by Rockstar's recent screenshot (see above) posted on Newswire where you can see the CEO sitting on one side of the table facing the computer and the associates sitting right in front of him inside a corporate office.

Ross explains that these codes actually translate to something very meaningful such as Head = Headquarters, Buy = Buying stuff, Sell = Selling Packages or Merchandise, Def = Defense or Defend Organisation, Air = Aircraft or Air Support or Raid, Cash = Cash or Money, Sal = Sale (or Salary?), Fra = Forward Rate Agreement or a fixed rate on which a contract is agreed upon by both the parties.

Furthermore, Ross hints that the Cash and Sal parameters are controlled by rival CEOs as part of the head to head challenges in a mission.

If the past rumours are any indication, it is quite impressive to note that Funmw2's speculation regarding the game content for the Finance and Felony DLC has indeed come true.

It is ascertained that the CEO missions will work similar to the Heist missions carried over at the heist planning board in GTA Online. You will be choosing your outfits, percentages and roles as in heists at your designated headquarters before you head out for the mission.

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